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Lift Off Light + Space on cuLture pLace W e begin with the p o s t e r a r t i s t f o r L i g h t a n d Space, West Coast-based Gisela Colon, represented by McClain Gallery. Colon's biomorphic blow- molded acrylic forms conjure up alien life at its most pure and reductive. Working in a shimmering palette of otherworldly hues, the artist crafts sculptures such as Skewed Square (Copper Gold), 2020, which resemble sci-fi set pieces for a reality TV show on Mars. In the permanent collection of important institutions such as the Pérez Art Museum Miami and Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Colon is also a good bet for your collection. Closer to home, Houston artist Claire Ankenman has deployed a range of media and concepts throughout her four-decade career. Ankenman's current work is arguably her strongest yet: parabolas of colored Plexiglas and steel make for minimalist wall sculptures that beckon t o n o n o b j e c t i v e beauty and fulfill the promise of the Light and Space m o v e m e n t . Presented on Culture Place b y M o o d y G a l l e r y , Ankenman is featured i n t w o works that w o u l d make nice bookends for a wall with their All imAges courtesy the Artists And their respective culture plAce gAlleries aS the MuSeuM of fine artS, houSton'S tranSforMative Kinder BuiLding openS with an iMMerSive JaMeS turreLL Light worK aMong itS caLLing cardS, Catherine D. anspOn pLuMBS CuLture pLaCe for conteMporary taLentS who foLLow the Buoyant tradition of the Southern caLifornia Light and Space MoveMent, firSt inveStigated By turreLL in the Spring of 1966. haLf a century Later, the MoveMent reMainS reLevant — perhapS our tiMe'S MoSt futuriStic art forM. (Continued) 82

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