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H ello, December. We're nearing the finish line and must give one another a pat on the back (socially distanced, of course) for making it through 2020. My monthly correspondence has become my message in a bottle, sharing what I've been up to since it's been so long since seeing many of you. That bottle is often Veuve, but sometimes it's Casa Dragones. Right now, I'm planning my holiday shopping list and will likely be leaving my wrapped packages on many Preston Hollow doorsteps, since most in-person festivities aren't occurring. I have an abundance of gift ideas, having recently completed our enchanting gift guide (pages 46 to 51). Included are covetable items from Grange Hall, The Conservatory, Elements, and Forty Five Ten, to name a few. One in particular that caught my fancy was the Balmain X Trudon limited-edition candle ($150) that you can find at Elements and Traffic Los Angeles. In an attempt to hurry along the clock, I'm also thinking through my resolutions for next year. I'm sure that you, too, start out January with all sorts of goals for the year ahead. Hopefully you aren't one of those types who forego alcohol for the month and proclaim a "dry January." Pooh on you if you do. I say: Continue the merriment from the boozy holiday season. We deserve it. The past year has been a beatdown. Also, don't bore me with "I'm going to work out more in 2021." Really? That usually wears off by mid-February. Here, a glimpse of three of my own resolutions: (1) Learn how to wink. I've long wanted this skill set. Check out my LinkedIn profile; it's not listed there. It might seem simple, but for decades, I've tried to perfect a charming wink. One of my best girlfriends, Ann Hobson, has it down pat. She can enter a crowded room, spot you and then casually shut one eye and make it seem like the hug you want from a confidante. Somehow, whenever I try winking, it looks like I'm having a stroke, and I see nervous looks signaling: Should I call 911? In today's elbow-bump world, I need to perfect my wink game more than ever, since in our masked- up existence the eyes are the windows to our soul. (2) Take up archery. Damn those Hunger Games, since that is not the reason I want to perfect the art of the bow and arrow. In fact, a costume I've dreamed of for years is to be a Seven Sisters school girl, along with a girlfriend. She could be at Smith on a falconry scholarship; I would be at Vassar on an archery one. She would have a leather glove with a papier-mâché falcon with an arrow through it. We would say that we met when I unfortunately shot her bird. (3) Learn to play mahjong. When I was growing up, my mother would gather three of her dearest friends for a weekly game, and I was fascinated. In fact, after her death, one of my most cherished possessions is her vintage set of those enchanting clicking tiles. If you want to acquire a set of your own, check out Caitlin Clark's story on page 24. As you can surmise from this list, I'm not setting the bar very high for 2021. I know my limitations and my attention span; therefore, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and learning Japanese didn't make my list. If you see me at events as they begin to reemerge, please stop me and ask if I've achieved my goals. Give me some encouragement, or buy me a cocktail and share some advice. And, feel free to share your list of resolutions for 2021. I am the consummate cheerleader and always looking to nudge someone towards success. Billy Fong Culture + Style Editor letter editor Billy Fong and Dana Garner. Illustration Leanne Fitzpatrick. 22

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