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PAPERCITY ADVERTORIAL P ostpartum life can bring many joys … but also struggles. A common denominator for many new moms is craving to get their former body back. Especially the abdominal region. The owners of Vitalyc Medspa, Jade and Amir Mortazavi, were inspired to cultivate a medspa and wellness concept that could help new moms — and, truly, anyone — attain the body they desire. After Jade Mortazavi's first pregnancy and C-section, she was eager to find that extra push to enhance her five-times-a-week spin classes and healthy eating. "After my first child, I struggled a lot because I was younger and assumed I would bounce back, and that wasn't really the case," she says. "That's how we actually got into this industry." The Vitalyc Medspa clinical team sees all types of patients, not just new moms. But for the new mothers out there, a newly launched technology, EmSculpt Neo, is a three-in-one powerhouse that tones, tightens, and burns fat. All of this is accomplished with tech that uses heat and radio frequency to tighten the skin and boost collagen production, all while burning fat. This in-office procedure is compared to completing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes. It's the best tool Mortazavi has used after having her second child. "After babies, your muscles just aren't the same, and there are all these nerves that connect between your muscles and your brain," Mortazavi says. "When you're doing a workout, your brain is telling your muscles to tighten. After a C-section, your lower DALLAS' MECCA FOR GETTING NEW MOMS THEIR ABS BACK Vitalyc Medspa is the go-to for shaping and toning with newest body-contouring technology. Vitalyc Medspa | 6915 Preston Road | 972.994.9700 | v i t a l y c . c o m abs don't fire the same. So EmSculpt Neo reminds my brain that these muscles work, and I notice my abs engaging more during a workout now." EmSculpt Neo is the perfect complement to clean eating and a workout regimen. For the best results when starting out, Mortazavi says, the 30-minute treatment should be completed once a week, four times in the first month. (Vitalyc Medspa offers TVs in every room for a quick Netflix binge during your sessions). After that, once every month or two is sufficient for maintenance. Optimal results will be most visible up to 12 weeks after the last treatment, and EmSculpt Neo has applicators for the abdomen, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, and arms. "For me, it's all about confidence — and EmSculpt Neo really did help me find confidence i n m y s e l f a g a i n , " Mortazavi says. "It tightened my lower abs, and I had visible results. Feeling those muscles work and knowing they still exist was a game changer for me, after having two kids." Vi t a l y c M e d s p a h a s m o re t o o f f e r than the triple threat EmSculpt NEO. From lasers, injectables, and fillers to other body- contouring treatments and even man-specific services, the medspa is a destination for all things wellness and confidence building. To learn more about EmSculpt NEO and Vitalyc Medspa locations in Dallas-Fort Worth, visit Scan to see Jade's dramatic before and after photos or visit Amir and Jade Mortazavi and their children

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