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COREY DAMEN JENKINS COREY DAMEN JENKINS & ASSOCIATES BIRMINGHAM, MI, NYC ROOM: A Tent for New Beginnings INSPIRATION: "A Tent for New Beginnings celebrates the intersection where haute couture fashion, luxurious textures, and fantasy meet. Inspired by Cirque du Soleil, this maximalist dining room boasts a ceiling and walls dramatically draped in chintz and shantung, emblazoned in a lush color palette of saffron, periwinkle, emerald, and sapphire jewel tones. Forsaking the traditionally expected feasting setup, this dining-room concept has two round tables carved from quartz, each topped with a singular brass table lamp. One table can be used for dining, while the other makes for a great workspace for home education or conducting business. Antique Louis XVI chairs accompany these sculptural tables, while a vintage sideboard and secretary provide additional gravitas to the space. Artwork by Karlos Pérez and Jason Trotter add layers of sensuality and geometry and float on the walls as focal points. Finally, I chose to forgo a rug in favor of a unique collaboration with Deven Gadula of First Last & Always, who fabricated a custom Schotten & Hansen floor of a shrunk texture in a sepia color tone, featuring a Versailles pattern and framed with a soldier border. In all, this dining room is built to house festive dinners, enlightening conversation, and memorable moments." — Corey Damen Jenkins PHOTOGRAPHY STEPHEN KARLISCH, NATHAN SCHROEDER For Resources, see page 114 78

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