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T his is a story of upward mobility — a feat attempted b y m a n y y e t realized by only a few. This is drive, passion, intelligence, and luck rolled into one tidy package. In more modern times, LOUIS By Steven Hempel 200 THE LV TRUNK INTERPRETED BY 200 VISIONARIES it has come to be symbolized by large estates, beautiful transport, and all the trappings that luxury brings. Some 200 years ago, in the time of Louis Vuitton, this package was represented by the trunk. Practical and unassuming, it symbolized freedom of movement across borders and continents. It symbolized the thrill of exploration. Louis Vuitton began his journey at age 14, leaving Anchay, France, to find his path. Traveling by foot, he arrived in Paris to apprentice under renowned trunk maker and packer Romain Maréchal and in 1854 founded his own maison. A mix of relationship-building and (Continued) Theo Curin 32

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