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Vintage Kors and models carried our favorite chocolate bars. Another change is that before all of this, I would not say I was the most technologically savvy guy around. But we all learn to adapt, and I spent many, many hours on video meetings during quarantine. In terms of the industry, we all had time to step back and really analyze how we work. For us, we used the time to reset our calendars and take a look at what makes the most sense for us — from both a design and production perspective — and for our customers, in terms of how and when they want to shop. Frankly, it will take some time for us to understand all the ways in which we've changed, because we're all still learning. You have a huge fan base in Texas. What do you appreciate about Texas clients? Kors: I love Texas. There's an unabashed enthusiasm for fashion here that sets it apart from other places. My Texas clients love true glamour and getting dressed up more than any other clients in the U.S. It's the state where I coined the phrase "carpool couture." What you enjoy doing when you're in town. Kors: In Dallas, I always have to have Sonny Bryan's barbecue and, of course, a popover at the Zodiac Room at Neiman's. How you see your brand evolving over the next decade. Kors: I don't have a crystal ball, but the future is always about listening to our customers and understanding — sometimes before they do — what they want and need in their wardrobes. For example, one thing we are focused on is longevity and timelessness, on clothes and accessories that last and will make you feel as good in 10 years or so, as they do today. Your idea of a perfect evening. Kors: I love a casual night out with friends, a great burger, a steady flow of vodka and lots of laughter. You're known for your iconic look: T-shirt (normally black), blazer (also normally black), and sunglasses. What does Michael Kors wear to bed? Kors: More black — but the details are better left a mystery. PORTRAIT BY INEZ & VINOODH Michael Kors Vintage Michael Kors Spring/Summer 2022 Spring/Summer 2022 CHRISTOPHE VON HOHENBERG 59

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