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JOHN PHIFER MARRS AT LAURA LEE CLARK SHOWROOM FOR TEXAS DESIGN WEEK DALLAS By Lisa Collins Shaddock. Photography Jonathan Zizzo. W hen designer Laura Lee Clark teared up over John Phifer Marrs' kindness and gushed about his irreverent, Saturday Night Live sense of humor while introducing his illustrated talk and book signing at her namesake showroom, Texas Design Week-goers knew they were in for a treat. Both traits were apparent that day, as was Marrs' talent for designing beautiful homes around treasured collections; his client list brims with prominent families in Texas and across the U.S., Europe, and Central America, including the official residence of a U.S. ambassador. His new book, Interiors for Collectors (Gibbs Smith), showcases the designer's extensive wisdom on that subject. Some of his key points: Replace two second-rate pieces with one first-rate. Display collections in one cabinet or on one wall for greatest effect. Arrange by shape and size. Don't let a collection get away from you … collecting is one thing, and hoarding is another. Moving or rearranging a collection periodically gives a new appreciation for it. Lighting is critical. Love it and light it — or lose it. Seen: Viviane Andrade, Joel Baldazo, Mil Bodron, Stacy Coulter, Ashlie Dickie, Michael Ellington, Linda Fritschy, Bobby Gibbs, Empress Gilbert, Katherine Gottesman, Donna Guerra, Sherry Hayslip, Ed Hill, Tina Jeppesen, Simi Kapoor, Dennis Kelley, Ramon Longoria, and Cammie Marrs. COLLECT CALL Sherry Hayslip Richard Davis Barry Williams Matthew Collins Mil Bodron, Richard Bettinger Susie Kwiatkowski, Susan Palma Jennifer Klos Ashlie Dickey, Anna Watkins Ilana Brewer Ed Hill James Arsin Ashlynn Bourque James Campbell Laura Lee Clark Falconer John Phifer Marrs Bryce Smith Joel Baldazo Stacy Coulter

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