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A little bit of alcohol can go a long way. And if you're artist Donald Robertson, it can lead to an intoxicating new book and series of drawings. Known for both his cartoon-like, Pop Art- esque illustrations that populate his Instagram feed (@drawbertson) and his significant influence collaborating in the fashion world, Robertson's oeuvre is full of commonplace references. His genius lies in his tendency to transform the familiar into the electrifying, which is why it comes as no surprise that his latest endeavor turns to wine and spirits for inspiration. A move in 2020 from L.A. to Dallas with his family is a touchstone for new references in his book Alcohol A Love Story, a look at Robertson's cherished experiences with liquor — memories prompted by the letters of the alphabet. The letter R stands for Ranch Water (the tequila-based Texas staple that recently made its way into Robertson's orbit); J evokes a conversation with his son about John Daly (a spiked Arnold Palmer); and Q transports us to the exuberant time when New York City offices would mark the workday's end ("Quitting time") by rolling around a booze-filled bar cart. "Everyone was tipsy the minute the clock struck 5," he scrawls on the page. Like most of Robertson's paintings, there is nothing enigmatic about the book; its straightforward wit is what makes it effervescent. His prose has a tossed-off, fleeting, thought-of-the-moment quality, treating both himself and his subjects like playful caricatures — never perfect, but always in on the joke. When brainstorming examples By Dani Grande. Photography courtesy Drawbertson Studio. DRAWBERTSON'S DELIGHTFULLY BOOZY BOOK AT CERULEAN GALLERY, ARTIST DONALD ROBERTSON INVITES US INTO HIS FEEL-GOOD WORLD FOR THE LAUNCH OF HIS BOOK ALCOHOL A LOVE STORY. (Continued on page 109) 30

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