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Doniphan Moore Tanner Moussa Freshman They may seem just slightly removed from their college years, but they have a style that takes decades to perfect. Talley Hodges Kaleta Blaffer Johnson Keenan Walker Perennially Pretty They glide elegantly through life with never a hair out of place. Their charming personalities and dazzling smiles are their greatest accessories, accompanying glorious Herrera and Kors frocks. Annika Cail Meghan Looney Meredith Land Chic à Deux These couples — complementary bookends, if you will — feel no need to steal the spotlight from one another. Instead, they shine bright, walking arm in arm, as we bask in their love. Matrice Ellis-Kirk and Ron Kirk Gregg Asher and David Martin Missy and Tim Peck Boys These gentlemen turn up the volume day and night. Either donning black tie (and that doesn't always mean a staid tuxedo) or simply grabbing brunch at Bilboquet, they're always impeccably attired. Tanner Moussa Tanner Ewing Greg Frary Lifetime Achievement They have been dazzling us for years. Each has an innate style that is legendary. Cheers to their showing up whenever they're invited. Erin Mathews Robin Wilkes Lisa Cooley The Magnificents Never worry about seeing the expected with this crew. They live to turn heads and always gravitate towards the avant-garde and eye- catching — all the while, leaving us endlessly enchanted. Davina Goodman Kyle Branch Selwyn Rayzor A few people have whispered in my ear the past few months: "Are you compiling the PaperCity Best Dressed List for 2021?" The answer is a definitive yes! As many emerged from the COVID-mandated hibernation, they seem to have gotten the same memo: Dress up! Sky-high Aquazzura heels have replaced sneakers, and the boys have dusted off their Tom Ford dinner jackets. Even though many caught our eye this year, we're sticking with our formula of only awarding three winners in each category. Cheers to each and every one of you for never leaving us bored. Keenan Walker Linda Ewing, Kaleta Blaffer Johnson, Tanner Ewing David Martin & Gregg Asher Annika Cail Meghan Looney Matrice Ellis-Kirk Ciara Cooley, Lisa Cooley Missy Peck Davina Goodman Meredith Land Tina Craig Tim Headington Greg Frary Talley Hodges Jane Scott Hodges Selwyn Rayzor Lisa Kraus Kaleta Blaffer Johnson Chad Cohen Kyle Branch Kristen Cole 36

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