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By Candice Cowin and Courtney Dabney. Photography Chris Pierre Bachman, Candice Cowin, and Courtney Dabney. (Continued on page 20) T he Spring 2022 Antiques & Design Show was blessed with fantastic weather for nearly the duration, and good vibes abounded like bluebonnets all along Texas Highway 237. Our first stop on opening day was Big Red Barn. We paused at one of my favorite spaces, Jeff R. Bridgman, to admire his rare antique American flags and ran into Amber David, who coordinated with all the red, white, and blue. We also caught up with Faye Asano of Big Blue Treasures, making a sale from her collection of ancient shipwreck coin jewelry. The lucky purchaser: Michelle Parrozzo, with the encouragement of pal Tina Piper. Outside the barn in the glorious Continental Tent, we ran into Dallasites Peggy Oliver and Amy Thompson, intent on the hunt. From there, we headed to the ever- expanding Blue Hills, beelining to Henri Delclaux of Antiquaire de France. Delclaux's expansive barn space is always thoughtfully curated with the finest antique French imports. I noted that only a Frenchman could make mismatched pastel Converse low-tops look cool. Meanwhile, the aptly named Grace Randall was found running the show for Kristin Mullen Designs. Mullen's Bridgerton- themed space made us feel as though we had stepped onto the set of the popular Netflix romance. Fellow Blue Hills dealer East End Salvage also created a stunning space that could double as a film set in owner Kaci Lyford's newly constructed permanent barn. We also stopped by the Blue Hills outpost for Leftovers Antiques and managed to pick out co-owner Ken Fulkerson and Mary Horner amid their treasures. Our next stop was The Arbors, where custom hats and jewelry stood out. Ester Gamez joked that she was squatting in a shared space with Topped Hats to showcase her gold pendant charms stamped with wickedly inappropriate sayings. We also glimpsed Wimberly Tribble, who had stepped away from her permanent Wimberly Inc. store in Henkel Square to visit her Arbors show space. On our way out, we were drawn into the crystalline world of Verona Privé. Amid the ancient-mined-mineral furniture and home accessories was the overwhelming scent of stargazers (owner Verona Disdier's favorite flower). Massive bouquets of the flower were set in equally massive carved onyx bowls — dramatic and delightful. REPORT SPRING SHOW ROUND TOP BEST IN THE FIELDS AND BEYOND Carolyn Bryant, Cindy Brackmeyer Dana Kocurek at The Compound Amber David at Big Red Barn Ed Fulkerson at Blue Hills Inex Diricx, Liv Goeman Sabine Maes, Zabi Amadi at The Halles Brandi Sutherland Ruby Stewart, Lauren Itschner at Bader Ranch Kacey White at The Arbors Kim Wolfe, Chelsea Meissner at Ex-Cess II Grace Mitchell Leanne Ford at Junk Gypsy Amie Sikes Jolie Sikes at Junk Gypsy Jenny Papevies, Steve Abernathy at Marburger Farm Baby Tom, Aline & Pierre Watine at The Compound Allyson Heathco Alli Richards at Marburger Farm 18

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