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FASHION NOTES BY STEVEN HEMPEL I t's summertime, when one's thoughts turn to bright colors, sun, sand, and happy places. One of those happy places should be your lips. Meant for many things and great for communicating, lips look even nicer with a little decoration, such as Hermès' new Hermèsistible Infused Lip Care Oil. Designed by in-house perfumer Christine Nagel, each of the six shades has a singular scent ranging from caramelized to fruity, tangy to spicy, and is housed in a transparent glass bottle. All six shades sing the songs of summer, with 97 percent of the ingredients of natural origin and a soft, sensory-enveloping texture that leaves a nonsticky finish. We're feeling better already. Hermèsistible Infused Lip Care Oil $55, at the Hermès boutique, GUCCI GOES SMART MORY SACKO AT LOUIS VUITTON L o u i s Vu i t t o n h a s launched its latest culinary experience, M o r y S a c k o a t Louis Vuitton, in the intimately scaled White 1921 hotel in Saint-Tropez. Sacko, a Top Chef alum and holder of a Michelin star for his Parisian restaurant MoSuke, is Vuitton's latest handpicked star. The young chef collaborated with SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE G ucci is diving into the smart wearables market with the new Gucci x Oura ring. Encircled with Gucci's eminently recognizable Interlocking G in 18K yellow gold, the four-gram wearable packs a lot into a very small package. Sensors track heart and respiratory rate, temperature, and sleep wellness by using the arteries in your fingers to more accurately track vitals than wrist-based wearables. Through its app, personalized health metrics are summarized into Sleep, Activity, and Readiness Scores and are displayed with insights and personal guidance for better living. Look better, live better. Not a bad idea. Gucci X Oura ring $950, at the Gucci boutique, the house on its design, incorporating LV's Monogram flowers and custom Objets Nomades objects into a setting with art, travertine, wood, rope, and rattan to create an elegant and relaxed seaside dining experience. With a menu that harkens to LV's roots in travel, the restaurant combines local produce with international ideas, turning the traditional Japanese lunch offering of ekiben into a luxury. Reservations recommended. restaurantsainttropez.louisvuitton. com. Mory Sacko FEELING SAINT-TROPEZ T he world is a dangerous place, full of sunbeams and chemicals, that slowly break down your skin, turning glamorous you into scary you. There are solutions — underground bunkers, hermetically sealed enclosures — but these are rarely rational solutions to looking fresh and staying atop your game. Meet Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint, a healthy-glow foundation that provides hydration with a silky, weightless texture. Featuring Chanel's MicroFluidic technology, the foundation delivers a burst of fresh, leaving your skin radiant, hydrated, and energized. You'll look as if you've spent the day in Saint-Tropez. Chanel Les Beiges Water-Fresh Tint $65, at the Chanel boutique, 34

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