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O ur annual tradition is to flip the formula for our summer issue and present "He's the Bomb" — the swimsuit edition. You might recognize Faisal Halum from his countless party pics at the most swellegant of Dallas affairs. Alas, the winning photo in the shirtless/beach category was featured on a CD that we can't get our hands on — a mixtape of sorts that was distributed at Faisal's 40th birthday party, dubbed Faisal-palooza. This titan in the real estate world is also the partner of a guru of the retail world: The Conservatory's Brian Bolke. The two were married in October 2014 after dating for nine years. They met in New Orleans through a mutual friend, and a spark ignited. They dated long-distance as Faisal then lived in Houston. Eventually he relocated to Dallas since Brian co-owned Forty Five Ten at the time — plus, Faisal felt it was time to make a fresh start with his career. He attended the University of Florida as a building construction major and had always dreamed of a career in that field. Moving into real estate when he arrived in Dallas made perfect sense. Faisal initially joined the team at David Griffin & Company Realtors, as he was attracted to their portfolio of architecturally significant properties. Fast forward a bit, and he now leads the top-producing team at Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty, which many consider the premier luxury brokerage in Texas. And as further affirmation of the change in his career path, he was named the number-one real estate agent in Texas in 2021. Some of the celebrated properties he has sold include the Philip Johnson-designed home at 10210 Strait Lane and the Edward Durell Stone home at 5243 Park Lane in Preston Hollow, as well as residences by regional architects Frank Welch, Bud Oglesby, and Lionel Morrison. One of the high-rises he's marketing is The Terminal at Katy Trail on Fitzhugh, slated to open in 2023. The list of those who have bought a unit is of course a secret, but I happen to know it's quite the who's who of the Dallas social set, with moneyed oil-and-gas tycoons and art collectors aplenty soon to be neighbors. Many who meet Faisal at events might think that he's quite the extrovert, but he says, "No, that's actually Brian. I would much prefer being at home." What are some of the things he likes doing at home? Having traveled with him in the past, I know he loves football. On a trip to San Miguel, I asked Brian at brunch, "Where's Faisal?" To which he replied, "He found a place to catch the Florida game on television." On our recent catch-up at Park House, I learned a few other things. "If I were to come back in another life," he said when asked what he would do if he weren't in real estate, "I'd be a DJ. I'm passionate about music. Growing up, I always made mixtapes for friends." Faisal is also heavily involved with charities. He has supported too many to list over the years, so when I asked what is currently top of mind (and heart), he said, "Over the years, my philanthropy has touched many of the areas I am passionate about — Dallas Architecture Forum, Booker T. Washington, TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art — but this year, supporting Planned Parenthood is where I feel urgency. I know that the right to ownership over one's own body and freedom for personal choices is something that's worth fighting for." Approximate date of photo. I was 20 years old and outside my family's village in the West Bank, Palestine. The occasion. To meet my future bride before convincing my family I wasn't ready for marriage. What you are wearing. Z Cavaricci pants and a shirt from Merry Go Round. What price fashion. Can you put a price on cool? Why this is a picture. I look at this photo and see a time of innocence, simplicity of life — and, of course, I love horses. He's THE BOMB FAISAL HALUM BY BILLY FONG Faisal Halum, 1987 72

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