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Chilton River Oaks, $5.7+ mil. Alex Heins, 713.417.4793 Kristin Tillman, 281.785.3566 Chevy Chase River Oaks, $5.1+ mil. Pama Abercrombie 832.715.7995 Thamer Lane Hunters Creek, $4.9+ mil. Tim Surratt 713.320.5881 Pine Valley River Oaks, $3.6 mil. Colleen Sherlock 713.858.6699 Lynbrook Tanglewood, $2.9+ mil. Colleen Sherlock 713.858.6699 Surrey Lane Bunker Hill, $2.9+ mil. Sharon Ballas 713.822.3895 Southchester Wilchester West, $1.5+ mil. Clint Simpson 281.639.7191 Lake Upper Kirby, $1.5+ mil. Caroline King Billipp 713.670.4214 River Hollow Briar Hollow, $1.4+ mil. Cathy Blum 713.320.9050 Hiram Clarke Southmont Annex, $850s Shannon Torbett, 713.770.3536 Roland Bodden, 504.617.5810 Westheimer Regency House, $750s Karin Tennant 713.320.5557 Briarwick Meadow Sugar Land, $730s Jason Knebel 713.232.9712 GREENWOOD KING 3201 KIRBY DRIVE / 1616 S. VOSS RD., SUITE 900 / 1801 HEIGHTS BLVD. HOUSTON, TEXAS a p l a c e t o f i n d y o u r h o m e Lot: 79,366

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