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MARCH | PAGE 68 | 2015 GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK CHARLOTTE WEAVES A WEB INTERNUM'S HOMAGE TO THE CHAISE LONGUE ANNE LEE PHILLIPS TWO-STEPS. PHOTOGRAPHY JENNY ANTILL CLIFTON. CATHERINE D. ANSPON AND MATTHEW RAMIREZ REPORT. PHOTOGRAPHY SHAU LIN HON. THE dress code: boots, no ties, and anything green. So it went at the annual Green Gala benefitting Memorial Park Conservancy. Luccheses, cowboy hats, fringe and furs abounded — all quite fitting, as the theme was "Lasso your heart for the park," and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo was honored for its longstanding support; for nearly 60 years, its trail riders have ridden proudly through Memorial Park. Inside a grand white tent adjacent to the new Running Trails Center was an arboreal Arcadia with tulip magnolias atop each table. While The Crestwood Club received the Ima Hogg Volunteer Service Award, City Kitchen served up a feast appropriate for a leisurely evening on the north 40: duck tacos, spicy Gulf Coast shrimp bisque, bobwhite quail and jalapeño cheese grits. Wood & Wire provided bluegrass tunes before and after dinner. All in all, it made for a lively date night or boys' night out (cue the fun table of rowdy gents adjacent to ours). The evening brought in $350,000 for MPC, which has embarked on its master plan wherein award-winning landscape architecture firm Nelson Byrd Woltz is beautifying and ecologically restoring the storied park. Cowboys and cowgirls: chairs Tammy Jenkins and Camille Patton; Rodeo prez Joel Crowley and chairman Jack Lyons; MPC's chairman Jim Porter, director Shellye Arnold, Cara Rudelson, and Nicholas Butler; Joshua Ibarra, Janet and Paul Hobby, Mindy Hildebrand, and Lorraine and Ed Wulfe. C harlotte Perriand, the famed modernist French architect from the late 1920s through late 1990s who designed for Corbusier, is considered the primary auteur of the modern chaise longue. Internum celebrated her with an evening fête to reveal the LC4 CP — Cassina's homage to both Perriand's original 1928 concept and the 2014 Icônes Collection by Louis Vuitton. The splendid mash- up of classic design with fashion pedigree pairs Perriand's timeless chaise with sumptuous Vuitton leather. Design devotees admired the pairing while sipping Deep Eddy Vodka libations. Among the stylish set: U of H architecture professors Marta Rodriguez and Celeste Williams, Gretel Joffroy, Gemma Joffroy, designers Anne Breux and Catheryn Wilson, architect Simona Furini, Kevin Spearman, Claire Cormier Thielke, Steven Hempel, and Carmen Ibarra, joined by Internum store manager Carla Munoz. Andrea White Lou Gregory Linda Lorelle Chris Knapp Maggie Brown Steve Gibson Kate Gibson Janet Hobby Paul Hobby Terra Nicolay Bob Nicolay Dena Prasher Tana Wood Leigh Smith Reggie Smith Jackie Wallace Dunham Jewett Bass Wallace Jill Jewett Bill White Tom Leslie Misty Leslie Anita Gaylor Ellen Cohen Mindy Hildebrand Kay Kamas Jim Porter Kelli Blanton Peter Jones Pamela Jones Meredith Cocke Fielding Cocke Eddy Blanton Cara Rudelson Joel Cowley Jack Lyons Chair Camille Patton Nicholas Butler Wendy Hines Jeff Hines Carla Arimont Lincoln Sherry Davis Steven Hempel Olga Gruman Anne Breux Marta Rodriguez Mariale Mora André Jáuregui Katie Smith Tyrone Saunders Dean Putterman Kevin Spearman Simona Furini Adam Cook Gretel Joffroy Carla Munoz Zully Lufschanowski Carmen Ibarra Gemma Joffroy Claire Cormier Thielke Chair Tammy Jenkins Deep Eddy Vodka libations

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