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OF DREAMS ANNE LEE PHILLIPS HITS THE SHOWS. PHOTOGRAPHY JENNY ANTILL CLIFTON. O ne day in October, PaperCity photo editor Jenny Antill Clifton and I loaded my SUV with the goal of documenting the Fall Round Top Antiques Fair — specifically the prized Marburger Farm Antique Show Early Buying Special and the frenzied buying scenes at The Compound and Big Red Barn — and, of course, to scout the barns and fields of antique and vintage goods. We arrived at Marburger at 10 am, where sold signs were already sprouting from prime items and the tents were packed with designers, pickers and enthusiasts. We chatted with Marburger owner Margaret Marsh and daughter-in-law Ashley Ferguson, The Compound's Mark Massey, Georgia Brown's Kristine Brown, Laurier Blanc's Suzanne Coppola, Jardin de France's Gloria Watine, The Vintage Round Top's Paige and Smoot Hull, and the ever-entertaining antiquarian Sandy Worrell at the Big Red Barn. We also spotted interior designers Ann Wolf, Mia Smith, Garrett Hunter, Randy Powers, Christopher Alexander, Sarah Eilers, Jennifer Barron, Lisa McCord, Meg Lonergan, and Alison Meyer. Here's who found what on this treasure-filled odyssey. "As I walked into the Continental tent, which is the only tent I wait in line for, I spotted a pair of incredible Venetian white-painted Grotto chairs. I leaped over two decorators, a gaggle of West U housewives and a well- known picker to slap a sold tag on them before they were fondled. The dealer laughed and said, 'But you didn't ask the price.' I replied, 'This is no time for haggling, show me what's in your van that we haven't seen!'" — Randy Powers "We found a pair of custom arched-top parclose mirrors from Janet Weibe's booth at Marburger. They were the perfect size for both master baths at a ranch we're designing for two families. I texted the brothers, and both wanted them for their bathrooms. Yikes, we had a problem! Fortunately Janet had another pair at her warehouse in Houston. Saved. I love the hunt for unique and unusual finds." — Sarah Eilers My favorite find was a vintage kilim rug from Boga Oriental Rugs at Arbor. I literally stumbled upon it while cutting through the booth — I saw the colors peeking out from under a tall stack and had to have it. The bright colors with fluorescent accents are setting a fun vibe for a bedroom we are designing for brothers. The best finds are the ones you aren't searching for." — Alison Meyer "For myself, I bought some fabulous Navajo jewelry from Nancy Rose — she sells American Indian pieces. For my clients, I typically also find some great outdoor statuary and garden elements — this year it was a wonderful birdbath from the '30s." — Cedar Baldridge "I took a day trip this year but am also on call for clients via iPhone. Lauren Epley sent me a pic of Lucite-and-brass candelabra priced at $400 for the pair, and I told her to get them. A week later, I was searching for lamps on 1st Dibs and stumbled upon the same candelabras in the search. Lo and behold, her $400 purchase was actually a $5,000 value!" — Laura Dalton "We found an amazing antique gilt Italian bench that had come from a Palazzo in Luca in Italy, at Trish Headley's Nufangle Antiques at Marburger. We re-covered the bench in charcoal velvet and placed it under a piece of modern art in a project. It was the very last piece of furniture sourced for a new-construction home that we worked on for over two years." — Meg Lonergan FIELDS Blue and white forever at Building Impressions at Marburger Paige & Smoot Hull Cedar Baldridge Hillary Grady Gretchen Davis Wright, Kimber Williams Amy Murchison, Pepper Edens Linden Utt Lisa McCord Alex Heins, Julie Thomasi, Marianne Dunwoody Alison Meyer, Allison Harper, Caroline Harrell Kristine Brown Ann Wolf, Mia Smith

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