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weapon for purifying air. Pull the trigger to release a magical mist to sanctify any space and stimulate headspace. If there was ever a perfect gift for your yoga instructor, this woody wonder is the one. Cul de Sac Japan Hiba Blocks & Oil $46, Wild Incense Spray $95 for 350 ml, at Kuhl-Linscomb. Lite+Cycle Sage Essential Oil Candle Lite+Cycle's spicy and herbaceous essential oil candle, is derived primarily from sage (from salavere, Latin for "to save"), a perennial shrub with a history of spiritual and medicinal usage. No matter the mood killer, burning this mix of soft leaves, small cool flowers, and woody stems will usher in new beginnings and lift mental fog without the hassle and incantations required by traditional smudge-stick rituals. More sophisticated, but with the same hippie vibe, this candle "washes off the outside world" with 100 percent pure essential oil fragrances, American-grown soy wax, and a cotton wick. In response to the paraffin, dyes, lead, animal byproducts, and synthetic fragrances concealed in most commercial fragrances, Lite+Cycle's worldly- wise creator Kristi Head collaborated with Mother Nature to formulate one of the industry's most healthy home fragrances. And her vessel design is proof that granola girls are now the chicest in the room. The underside of the lid has a perfectly textured surface design for igniting a strike-anywhere match. Strike gold, and let the sage burn and bless. Lite+Cycle sage essential oil candle $62, at Birch, Kuhl-Linscomb. Tatine Manufactory des Fleurs Sacred Lotus Candle The rock 'n' roll romantics at Tatine continue to light fires with their pastiched perfume profiles. This divine scent story starts with head notes of warm clove leaf lifted by green armoise, the highly diffusive and bittersweet camphoraceous aroma of mugwort. Accords of litsea oil, extracted from little berries that grow on tropical evergreen trees native to China and Indonesia, meet geranium in the middle with an intense, fresh, lemon-like aroma with light woody-floral undertones. Fixed with highly prized galbanum, the heavens of this fragrance float with creamy petals of geranium, pacifying the will and easing frustrations. The diffusion casts heavily on the base notes of soft mystic rose and confident cedar, giving a carnation-like olfactory experience of peace and nirvana when inhaled. Tatine Manufactory des Fleurs Sacred Lotus candle $62, at Area, Kuhl-Linscomb, Thompson Hanson; and Lark, Round Top. FRENCH FLINGS L'Objet Oh Mon Dieu! No.69 Candle, Incense & Incense Holder The most scentual of the lineup, Oh Mon Dieu! burns with the fever of 1969, when the air was bohemian, wild, playful, and undeniably sexy. The aphrodisiac aromas of lipstick, cognac, incense, leather, and caramel flaunt their powers of seduction like the bold women of this artistic and sexual revolution. Red currant, coriander, plum, rose absolute, and jasmine pair like Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, while base notes of oakmoss, benzoin, civet, and musk puddle on the floor, like a semi-sheer Yves Saint Laurent evening gown after a night of riffraff. A Limoges porcelain candle holder blazing a graphic "69" encapsulates this zeitgeist, while a Pop Art mouth appears as an irresistibly pouty incense holder, ready to unleash fragrant pheromones and temper your home with the scent of a sin den. L'Objet Oh Mon Dieu! No.69 candle $95, incense $50 for 60 sticks, incense holder $80, at Bering's, Events, Kuhl-Linscomb, Longoria Collection, Neiman Marcus. Cire Trudon Limited-Edition Six Candle Deo regique laborant: "The bees work for God and the King." Such is the motto for fragrance house Cire Trudon, pointing to its rich history as the divine wax for the court of Versailles. Candler and grocer Claude Trudon created these filtered beeswax candles in 1643, selling from his boutique on Rue Saint-Honoré to Louis XIV, wealthy homeowners, and parishes across France. Unique for its longevity of burn and throw, the cotton wicks of these candles have been burning for centuries, surviving the Ancient Regime, French Revolution, and the reign of Napoleon I. Cire Trudon's latest limited-edition lavish white candle, Six, is an allegorical take on the sixth sense, the heart. Six's perfume arouses memories of old lipstick and dancing with Don Juan, who represents the masculine bergamot balancing this aroma. A bouquet of gardenia and carnation teases notes of monoi and hints of jasmine and vanilla. This sumptuous scent is for the explorer heart, aroused by past flings and the tropical escapism of ylang ylang. For the light-hearted, the candle's leaflet encloses a series of colorful, hand-illustrated stickers for adorning the vessel. Cire Trudon limited-edition Six candle $105, at Kuhl-Linscomb, Longoria Collection. Astier de Villatte Opera Incense & Antoinette Incense Holder Scents bring our favorite places home. Such is the case of the world-tour lineup of incense from master makers Astier de Villatte, who handcraft ceramics, glassware, and fragrance wares in an antique Bastille workshop, historically home to Napoleon Bonaparte's own silversmith. Smoke signals come from the world's finest incense, sourced from the island of Awaji, where traditional methods of fabrication have been passed from father to son for more than a thousand years. Pale blue boxes, finished with a label printed by France's last remaining typesetter, encase 125 handmade incense sticks — chimeras ready to be borne and burned. The splendor of the Palais Garnier is alive in my favorite of Astier de Villatte's incenses, Opera. Thick streams of honey are collected from hives and paired with giddy notes of absolute beeswax to perform sensory ballet. Pas de deux, entrechats, and ronds de jambes — an aromatic dance upon the polished parquet floors of the Great Hall, its varnished vapor evoked by sandalwood and styrax resin. The scent of Opera is best spread forth with the Antoinette incense burner, shaped from black terra-cotta clay and finished with the milky-white glaze known for making Astier de Villatte's 18th-and 19th-century- inspired pottery so covetable. Astier de Villatte Opera incense $50, Antoinette incense holder $110, at Kuhl-Linscomb. 49

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