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eannie Freilich of Lisson Gallery helmed a rigorously conceptual booth with text-based works by Lawrence Weiner, and I discovered the feminist staged photography of Juno Calypso at London's TJ Boulting. I was particu- larly impressed with finds presented by Hannah Fagadau and Hilary Fagadau (sisters who grew up in Dallas) and their soon-to-be gallery, 12.26, which opens in Dallas this October. At 12.26, I fell in love with works by L.A. painter Gracie DeVito, whose plein-air canvases are equal parts observed and imagined. Hannah Fagadau noted of this year's fair, "In addition to connecting with individuals from the local arts community, we had the pleasure of meeting new faces from Houston and Austin. We're encouraged to know that the Texas art scene is alive and well." One of my best friends from high school, Meredith Harper, came to town for this year's fair. Harper has been in the art world for 20-plus years and now has a thriving art advisory business in New York City. It was her first year visiting the Dallas Art Fair, and as we made our way through the meandering party, she was in awe. "The cultural base in Dallas is so vibrant and supportive, and it's great to see so many familiar faces," she said. Call it high praise for our ever expanding, nationally and internationally watched art scene from a credible out-of-towner — even if she is my BFF. Additional reporting Catherine D. Anspon SEEN: Dallas Art Fair's Kelly Cornell, Marlene and John Sughrue, Sarah Blagden, and Brandon Kennedy; collectors Janelle and Alden Pinnell (he, Power Station founder); the Dallas Contemporary's Peter Doroshenko; joined by Lucy Wrubel, Park House co-founders Deborah and John Scott, Gillian Breidenbach, Jenny Kirtland, Max Trowbridge, Ceron and Todd Fiscus, Muffin Lemak, Shelby Wagner and Niven Morgan, Anne and Steve Stodghill, artists Arthur Peña and Francisco Moreno, Kevin Rubén Jacobs, Dunhill Partners' Bill Hutchinson, Glasstire's Christina Rees with artist-husband Richard Patterson, Rhonda and Fraser Marcus, Harlan Levy, Kaleta Blaffer Johnson, Claire and Dwight Emanuelson, pri- vate dealer Britt Sager, and Laree Hulshoff and Ben Fischer. 23 Anna Jean Jordan Lynx Alexander Julie Tregoning, Adam Abdalla, Michael Tregoning Yelana Yemchuk, Kristen Cole, Bibi Van der Moreno Victor Lopez, Tim Adair, Sam Sullins, Doniphan Moore Adrian & James Cope Tony Matelli, Lucy Stanford David Quadrini, Jon Cory Rankin Christina Rees & Richard Patterson Bill Hutchinson

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