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27 F or dinner, Todd Fiscus transformed the DMA's atrium into a chic black-and- white high-society affair. This was not to be a traditional evening of round- seating configurations. Instead, two dramatically long onyx tables played the role of fashion runways, down the center marching paper doll models in Dior's legendary New Look fitted peplum jacket and full pleated skirt. When DMA director Agustín Arteaga stood to greet guests, he initially spoke in French. Glances darted around the room as guests tried to spot who among them were fluent — and who decidedly were not. Christen Wilson, back in town from Dior's resort show in Marrakech, summed up the evening with: "Epic." Then, after some thought, she added: "When you put a powerhouse fashion icon like Dior in a power- house city like Dallas — a city that lives for fashion — it's a perfect marriage." Christen and husband, Derek Wilson, loaned one of their Sterling Ruby paintings to the exhibition, which hangs alongside a design inspired by Riby in collaboration with former Dior artistic direc- tor Raf Simons. "Fashion is finally getting its respect from the art world," she said. Some of the DMA's most ardent supporters who also happen to be fans of the fashion house came dressed in Dior, including Nancy Rogers, Peggy Sewell, Tina Craig, and Jennifer Karol. A longtime fan of the house, Karol was thrilled by the star-studded night. "This is a fairy-tale evening of art and fashion coming together," she said. "Dior and the DMA are the perfect ensemble." Another member of the DMA family, Ann Hobson (who also traveled to Marrakech for the Dior cruise show), twirled post-dinner to show the razor-like tailoring of her butterfly-embellished Dior dress. As dinner wound down she exclaimed: "This celebration must keep going. Come back to my house." At that point, the evening continued chez Hobson — and our coverage of the wildly fun, late-night party that ensued is … off the record. Dior and DMA devotees: Jennifer and John Eagle, Moll and Charlie Anderson, Brian Bolke, Cindy Rachofsky, Deedie Rose, Catherine and Will Rose, Amy and Les Ware, Gayle Stoffel, Kara Goss, Rajan Patel, Emily Summers, Meghan Looney, and Geoffroy van Raemdonck. Shohei Shigematsu Meghan Looney, Christen Wilson Lee & Ann Hobson Lisa & John Runyon Harrison Tulley, Sofi Sugasti, Nancy Carlson Amber Pickens Stephen Summers, Catherine Rose, Brian Bolke Carlos Gonzalez-Jaime, Monica Vallina, Diego Chavez Hamish Bowles

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