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J asmine Roth is a self-taught builder and designer, HGTV star, and book author who lives and works in Huntington Beach, California. Her hit TV shows, Hidden Potential, and Help! I Wrecked My House (now in its second season), have a loyal following of do-it-yourselfers, renovation enthusiasts, and design lovers. When she's not on the construction site running her residential development company, Built Custom Homes, she's filming, blogging and posting about design (@jasminerothofficial, 347,000 followers). Jasmine's new book, House Story: Insider Secrets to the Perfect Home Renovation (Ten Speed Press) is a step-by-step guide through the renovation process and offers a glimpse of behind-the-scenes of her television shows. We chatted with Jasmine about the book, when life gets in the way and your contractor as decorator. On mental health and renovations. JR: It definitely takes a toll, especially when things start to go wrong. My main recommendation: If there is any way for you to move out of your house, away from the construction and dust, you 100 percent need to do that. Don't try to rough it and live in your house while it's under construction. Also, however long you think your project is going to take, double it. Oh, and make a budget and stick to it. And put everything in writing. It might seem silly at the beginning of the project, but when you get to the end, there's no way you'll remember what you agreed to on day one. On dealing with delays. JR: I don't mean to suggest that construction is all doom and despair, CREATE YOUR HOUSE STORY WITH JASMINE ROTH HGTV darling sweeps through Round Top signing books on her first national tour. BY CANDICE COWIN. PHOTOGRAPHY DABITO. but for most of us who've been in the industry for a long time, the current construction landscape, , isn't anything new. Inevitably, all projects will have setbacks — it's how you deal with those setbacks and disappointments that truly define your success. That said, I also know the feeling, especially as a Type-A Virgo, when my perfect plan starts to unravel, that it feels like the end of the world. I'm here to tell you that some of my best designs, my most unique projects, and more innovative solutions have been born out of necessity. I promise you, there's always a solution, and it might not be your first choice, but being flexible and pivoting quickly is what will keep you sane in the construction world. On DIY. JR: Have you seen my show!? Well- intentioned homeowners are getting in way over their heads. DIY: paint, landscaping, some demolition, peel-and- stick wallpaper, cosmetic refreshes. Pros: Everything else! Especially plumbing, gas, electrical — don't mess with any of these ever. It's just not worth it. On contractors and design. JR: Sorry to all my contractor buddies out there … I love you guys, but never take design advice from a contractor. On Round Top. RT: I haven't [been before], but I've always wanted to. My mother-in-law and I have been dreaming of this for years. To say we're superfans is an understatement! Meet Jasmine Roth and purchase an inscribed and signed copy of her book at the following venues: The Halles Monday, October 25, 6:30 - 8:30 pm Co-hosted by The Vintage Round Top. By invitation or with purchase of The Halles VIP ticket; books will be for sale at the event. Marburger Farm Tuesday, October 26, 8 am to noon, co-hosted by The Vintage Round Top. Books will be for sale at the event. The Vintage Round Top hosts Jasmine Roth, Heather Bullard, Laurie Furber of Elsie Green, Alexis Garrett, Ginny MacDonald and Jeanne Oliver for The Vintage Round Top's online Business Branding + Social Media Workshop, hosted by Paige and Smoot Hull. The event will be filmed live during the fall shows and available for purchase as a self-study course online at Room images from Jasmine Roth's new book House Story (Ten Speed Press). Jasmine Roth 84

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