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PAPERCITY ADVERTORIAL W e all know sleep is an essential function of our lives, but when considering the ultimate night's sleep, we think about the linens, blankets, or even the firmness of the mattress. But what about the material of the mattress itself? "People are realizing that there are a lot of toxins in their home — from paint to flooring, and more. Once they begin researching, they discover they're inhaling toxins when they sleep," says Rick Longmore, owner of NaturePedic, in Dallas and Frisco. "All of our luxury mattresses are chemical-free." This means they're made without flame retardants, adhesives, vinyl, polyurethane foam, or perfluorinated compounds. In fact, many of his clients are referred to NaturePedic by doctors. "The medical professionals understand what's in the beds, and how ours differ from others," he says. NaturePedic relies on the most luxurious, organic materials to create the perfect night's sleep. Their most popular materials are organic wool, organic cotton, and WHEN HEALTH AND LUXURY MEET FOR THE BEST NIGHT'S SLEEP THIS LUXURY, ORGANIC MATTRESS MAKES IT TOUGH TO LEAVE YOUR BED. Naturepedic Dallas at Inwood Village | 5450 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 230 | 972.925.0758 | n a t u r e p e d i c . c o m / d f w organic latex, but NaturePedic even has organic alpaca wool and cashmere mattresses. Luxurious materials, quality craftsmanship, and elegant design may create a beautiful look and feel, but NaturePedic beds are also customizable. "Most of our mattresses for adults have zippers that let us customize each side of the bed so that no one has to compromise how they want to sleep and how they want their mattress to feel," Longmore says. "We can fit each person for their side of the bed." NaturePedic has been customizing organic, healthful sleep for nearly two decades. Originally they created crib mattresses, then realized there was a vast need for organic mattresses for children and adults. "When NaturePedic opened a store in Beverly Hills," Longmore says, "the need for luxury, organic mattresses for adults became apparent." Longmore, who owns two DFW NaturePedic locations (Dallas and Frisco), enjoys helping Texans discover their healthiest, best sleep of their lives. His newest location finds its home at Inwood Village.

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