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MAKING THE ORDINARY MAGICAL M aking the Ordinary G u c c i G a r d e n s is a wonder. For those fortunate to visit in Milan, it's immediately apparent that you have left the natural world and traveled to a different dimension. Everything is perfect, everything is wonderful (and extremely expensive). To see the house launch a lifestyle collection is unsurprising — it feels like every brand moves further into explorations of things they could do, oftentimes simply because they can. A branded helicopter, check. A branded surfboard, check. A bike. A backpack. Yet Gucci launches their collection, and I'm strangely excited. Alessandro Michele has a knack for wonder. He hits his spots just right. The seemingly impossible mix of dreamer and doer, this man is a treasure. So, when Gucci launched its Lifestyle collection, I first thought, 'Why?' And then I remembered Gucci Gardens. Exploring the magic of everyday life, the latest collection consists of simple everyday objects made magical in the hands of Gucci. A notebook. A paperweight. A pen. A case. Playing cards. The things we use daily have been given a collection at Gucci. It's worth checking out, just because you can. W hat is it to feel? Prada i n v e s t i g a t e s that question with its Fall/ Winter 2021 campaign, which showcases the men's and women's collections by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. The idea was likely spurred by our current times, when many have been forced into isolation and our concepts of feelings and intimacy have been tested in ways rarely before seen. Photographed by David Sims, the "Feels Like Prada" campaign features a series of images placed side-by-side that tell the story of emotion. In one sense, it's the story of what it means to be Prada at the moment; in a deeper sense, it examines what it is to be human and what it is to feel. An apt campaign for our time. See more at and #feelslikeprada. IT'S ALL ABOUT FEELINGS BABY 50

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