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O n the scene: PaperCity and Round Top Publishers' Jim Kastleman and Holly Moore; Annie Miranda-Sommer of Benjamin Moore; Linda Plant with Martha Turner Sotheby's International Realty and colleague Tim Grimes; Cisco Home's Cisco Pinedo and Maurishka Pinedo; Marita Fairbanks; Denise Jacobs of Round Top Real Estate; Greg Fourticq and John Cone of Red Antler Bungalows; Red & White Gallery and Grand Fayette Hotel's Jerry and Joan Herring; Libby Cagle and Lauren Taft; artist McKay Otto in from Wimberley; Chairish trio Camilla Norman, Caroline Cole, and Rose Hollinshead; Dawn and Richard Gervais; Michele Verma; Diane and Ray Krueger; Clemencia and Jordan Larimore with daughter Bella Larimore; and Marta Chacon. Also sighted: Fayette County's Craig Moreau; a clutch of designers including Courtnay Tartt Elias and Darla Bankston May; Blue Hills' Stephanie Layne Disney and Corey Layne; Kathy and Dale Young; Compound dealers Mel King and Faye Asano of Big Blue Treasures; The Halles' Ben Kastleman; Piper Faust of Piper Faust Public Art; Norman and Sally Reynolds; House of Nomad's quartet, in from North Carolina, Tina Segal, Berkeley Minkhorst, Kelley Lentini, and Rachel Frye; Shea Drury; Neon Moon Coffee's Rose and Carl Luning; Kimono Zulu's Tina Zulu and crew, Chelsea Williams and Veronica Olofsson; Valerie Celestino; Noelle Woods; and Madison Marchbanks. Chris Pierre Bachman inside Chromatic Distraction I Stephanie Layne Disney Corey Layne Marita Fairbanks Jim Kastleman, Lisa Hough Norman & Sally Reynolds Jerry & Joan Herring Maurishka Pinedo Cisco Pinedo in the Cisco lounge Courtnay Tartt Elias, Stacy Ellington Lexie Brown Cathy Brown Greg Goodman Patricio Marin Tina Segal Berkeley Minkhorst Kelley Lentini, Rachel Frye Lizzy Welch Carl Luning Dawn & Richard Gervais Clemencia Larimore Wendy Burks Noelle Woods, Jordan Kampf Madison Marchbanks Ray Krueger, Mary Lambrakos Diane Krueger 51

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