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Letter from the Editor P lop plop, fizz fizz. Yes, as I pen this letter, I am in the throes of those sounds. If you fall in my age bracket, you might remember the iconic ads for Alka-Seltzer that promised relief from stomach- and headaches. (If you aren't in my age bracket, then look up the YouTube video.) Those are two things I generally experience on many a December morning, given all the holiday parties where corks were popping and passed trays of delightful nibbles from Cassandra's R2Art Catering were within arm's length. The theme of the issue you find in front of you is Extraordinary Travel. Yes, with pandemic lockdown hopefully in our rearview mirror, it's time again to fuel your wanderlust. On pages 52 to 61, you'll find hotels where design is central to the ethos, from New York City to Healdsburg, including a glamorous British Pullman designed by Wes Anderson. One that immediately grabbed my attention was an extraordinary 14th-century fort that has been transformed as a hotel destination, just 2 ½ hours from Jaipur: Six Senses Fort Barwara in Rajasthan. Dear Suzanne Droese reminded me at a recent dinner fêting Wes Gordon that the reason our former editor, Brooke Hortenstine, had first offered me the opportunity to pen something for PaperCity was due to my emails to her and our mutual friends. Those messages were filled with fantasy — very specific ones, where I shared a dream of an exotic location and what we were each wearing (I believe one of those had Suzanne in a long, trailing scarf à la Isadora Duncan — but without the tragic ending). Give me a ring, and let's plan an adventure. Perhaps our very own Thelma & Louise road trip (sans the cliff moment, but hopefully with a Brad Pitt cameo) … After all, travel feeds our soul, which is often needed when starting out a new year. To quote Mark Twain: "New Year's Day. Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual." Yes, it's that time when we pave a well-laid path for the year. When I shared my initial thoughts about the contents of this letter with a colleague, I vowed that I would valiantly try not to allow my exhaustion from myriad holiday parties to prevent me from being upbeat — and, should I fail, that I would sign off with "Fondly, Eeyore." My resolution for 2023 amounts to two simple words: Lean in. If I want to wear something intriguing, then I'll throw on even more layers with bold prints and continue to accessorize with abandon. If I want alone time, I'll go into recluse mode. Speaking of which, my zippy German car has a comfort and sport mode. Why not have a recluse one where it simply won't turn on for a few days. And, finally, if I want to dance, I'll do so with absolute disregard for how silly I may look. Who cares. I'll twirl, twerk, or tango. Join me. Fondly, Billy Fong (aka Tigger in 2023) Dallas Editor in Chief Illustration Russell Gandy 32

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