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Best of The Both Worlds PAPERCITY PROMOTION B uilder Tony McClung is a Dallas mainstay in an ever- evolving industry and often volatile market. When you meet him, it's easy to see why: Decades of experience back his in-depth perspective, confidence, and expansive knowledge, while his problem-solving skills convince clients that his solutions were the best-laid plans all along. One of the secrets of McClung's success is his approach: He executes the architectural designs of each project down to the last detail before the building phase even begins. The result is a product innately understood from the ground up. McClung's passion, humility, and in-depth commitment to quality reveal his dedication to craftsmanship designed to stand the test of time. Why implement the design and build process with a single implementer? Tony McClung: The additional knowledge and complete understanding of the project gained by personally developing the house plans is invaluable. I am a realistic perfectionist: When I build a home, I want it done right the first time. My 3D design allows Tony McClung's expertise extends beyond the typical offerings of a builder. His customized design-build approach perfectly tailors homes to meet his clients' needs. my clients to walk through every inch of the house before we start construction, a process that reduces my client's changes. I draw on the computer every element of the home — every stud, ceiling joist, beam, and rafter. For example, this 3D approach allows me to see where the plumbing and air conditioning lines should be placed for maximum efficiency. This method allows the clients and me to experience a practice run of sorts, and, at the end of the day, when the plans are complete, my clients save on the bottom line because we avoid unnecessary costs. I'd always rather troubleshoot on the front end. Tell us about your background. TM: Construction and homebuilding have been part of my entire life. I grew up on the job, and I put myself through college doing carpentry and cabinetry. I learned first-hand what quality construction is and what it's not (and I can spot the difference quickly). After earning my business degree, I started over in the architecture school at Texas A&M University, learning first-hand techniques necessary for my design-build approach. I switched to the engineering department and earned a master's degree in civil engineering. I went on to own and operate Knox Keating Architects for many years, as well as running the homebuilding company. I've studied, bid, and built houses alongside some of our city's most prominent architects, in addition to the homes I've personally designed. The most exciting part of the process. TM: At the beginning (and end) of each project, my goal is the serve the interests and desires my clients have for their home. I'm so honored to help turn their dreams into a reality. Because I've designed and built several houses for my own family, I've had the opportunity to experience the results of specific designs, ideas, and construction materials. This lends credibility to the recommendations I make to my client. However, my recommendations are only my educated opinions — my clients have all the votes. Tony McClung Custom Homes 214.668.7802 Tony McClung 67

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