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What a Swell Evening It Was! CancerForward's New Summer Standard celebrates its third anniversary. SETH VAUGHAN TAKES NOTE. PHOTOGRAPHY JENNY ANTILL, PRISCILLA DICKSON. Bill Hamilton Chairman Robert Bruni W hat is it about white dinner jackets? Any night that Jess involves them just seems Moore all the more memorable, Beth charming and genteel. So Sanders Moore you can only imagine how taken I was with CancerForward's The New Summer Standard at the Houston Country Club, which called on gents to don their creamy attire. I myself was just happy to be there. Following my own run-in with cancer earlier this year, I was certainly ready to fĂȘte fellow survivors. And they abounded. Cause founder Beth Moore, with husband Jess, graciously greeted guests as they amassed for an evening orchestrated by chairmen Donna and Robert Bruni and Ellie Ernie and Michael Francisco, which honored Denise Cockrell Monteleone and former Saks Fifth Avenue Stephanie Cockrell general manager Terry Zmyslo. Cocktails in the gallery off the club's ballroom preceded a seated summer dinner accompanied by the lush sounds of the Richard Brown Orchestra. Will Monteleone gave an impromptu tribute to his mother, emphasizing her steadfast devotion to those around her as well as her strength and grace while facing the disease. Designer Bill Hamilton, in from New York, detailed Zmyslo's integral involvement in bringing CancerForward on as a beneficiary of Saks' charity shopping weekend, Key to the Cure; as Zmyslo was unable to attend, Saks' new general manager Bobby Dees accepted on his behalf. Raising the standard, the night yielded some $225,000. High standards: honorary chairmen Lisa and Mike O'Leary and Brittany Liz and Robert Rigney; tribute committee trio: Estela Sakowitz and David Cockrell, Stephanie and Ernie Cockrell, and Kushner Millette and Haag Sherman; Saks' Sylvia Forsythe; Fran Fawcett Peterson; Flower fellow David Brown; Anne Carl; Jennifer Monteleone; Weezie Dees; Brittany Sakowitz Kushner and husband Kevin Kushner; Beth Madison; Alissa and Kevin Maples; Cabrina and Steve Owsley; and Jeff and Kathy Love. Chairman Donna Bruni W hen it comes to cars and watches, connoisseurs know that what's on the inside is most important. So it made perfect sense when elite sports car company Ferrari teamed up with prized watchmaker Hublot to design a collection of timepieces. Dubbed the Courtney Big Bang Ferrari, each watch combines the Zenner sleek lines of a Ferrari with the unmatched quality of a Hublot timepiece. The collection is available exclusively in Houston at Zadok Jewelers, so the Zadok family celebrated by hosting a lounge event where guests were greeted by a fleet of Ferraris as they made their way into a party tent. DJ Sun spun rocking tunes while everyone excitedly eyed Rachel the watches on view, crowding around Branch the limited-edition Red Magic Carbon and King Gold Carbon. Lounging: store owners Helene and Dror Zadok, Lisa and Gilad Zadok, Jonathan Zadok, Amy and Segev Zadok, Dilsat and Don Baysal, Elise and Mewael Ghebremichael, Paige Glass, and Courtney Zenner. Kathryn Fay April Bailey Jennifer Monteleone William Monteleone Chairman Michael Francisco Chairman Ellie Francisco Honoree Denise Monteleone Honorary chairman Liz Rigney Fran Fawcett Peterson Honorary chairman Lisa O'Leary Susan Bell Boykin Honorary chairman Mike O'Leary Bobby Dees Weezie Dees Lary Barton Kevin Kushner Steve Mach Joella Mach Will Stukenberg Zadok Jewelers Show Off Top Gear with Ferrari and Hublot BY ERIN OPPENHEIM. PHOTOGRAPHY CHRIS BROWN. Ian Fay Gilad Zadok Dror Zadok Hublot's auto-inspired designs Debra Owens Kerry Bonner Helene Zadok Paige Glass Danielle Dearing Richard Hamock Gayle Ebert Mewael Ghebremichael Raquel Lewis Elise Ghebremichael Segev Zadok Jack Burns Deborah Brown Amy Zadok Thuan Nguyen Jackie Nguyen Don Baysal Dilsat Baysal Ferrari California OCTOBER | PAGE 14 | 2013 Khang Dang Tri Nguyen Benjamin Zadok

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