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STEPHEN KARLISCH Be Happy party, 2009 STYLE DNA PARTY BOY TODD FISCUS The Big Bang. STEVE WRUBEL Bang, well it was more like a speeding bullet! When I first opened the business, I desired a small firm with four employees. We were going to be producers and planners, not offering floral and production. Well, that didn't last very long; 24 months later, I had 20 employees, and we were in full swing. In the beginning, it was what I like to call "organic growth," but most business professionals would call it crazy unplanned growth. The year was 2004. I'M READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP: THE NEW YEAR'S EVE, NEW YORK WEDDING OF TODD & CERON. Well, we have lots planned. Four nights of great fun, all different. Our wedding will be unique, for sure. Cocktails, then dinner, then the ceremony, then dancing and merriment until 1:30 am. Hints: cobalt, white and gold. Lots of white flowers. Luxe meets modern styling. Tom Ford tuxedos in blue for me, black for him. And, of course, lots of Dom!  Robert Isabelle — he was amazing and talented. Terry Inman in Dallas, because he took time to teach me and let me experiment with design on his dime. Alexander McQueen, because he was a freaking genius. And I wish I had one-tenth of his talent.   FAVORITE PIECE OF ART CURRENTLY OWNED. Currently: Wedding for 400 people — 300 workers, 30,000 square feet of tent, over 50,000 stems of flowers, 18,000 pieces of glassware and china, seven minutes of fireworks, four musical acts including one national, two moving walls and five environments for the guests to experience.  In the Past: Opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge by Santiago Calatrava — 40,000 visitors, 120 temporary toilets, 250 employees, 12 golf carts, 100,000 square feet of STEPHEN KARLISCH & STEVE WRUBEL • Cindy and Howard Rachofsky's wedding. • The wedding of Natalie Andrews to Mike McGuire. • The opening of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. • Cattle Baron's Ball 1996. • The Art Ball 2013. • The Houston Symphony Ball 2013. • The wedding of Corinna Holt to JB Richter. • The wedding of Callie McClendon to Tim Katt. • TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art 2011. • The Todd Events "Be Happy" Party 2009. I can't name names, of course, but it was a fantastic family. A $6 million budget for the three-day weekend in 2008. Still waiting for a repeat performance of that one! PREDECESSORS WHOM I ADMIRE. A piece by Raegan McKinney called Talking Heads — vintage heads and masks collaged into a perfect story. Just imagine what all those eyes have seen!   PRODUCTIONS THAT WERE ALMOST THE DEATH OF ME (PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE). 10 NIGHTS I'LL NEVER FORGET.  MOST EXPENSIVE. 50 unique glass vases that hold only one stem of flower on a dining table. Modern, chic — and you can do it yourself, no arranging skills required. Chinese to-go food, ordered and served in glam gold to-go containers with stainless-steel chopsticks. Pick up and serve ... tadahhhhhhhh!  KISS ... Keep It Simple, Stupid! White linen, green fern fronds, grilled fish and veggies and a decent Rosé. Yum and done!  Yes, there was a great life before Todd Events. I worked very hard in the floral-design business and before that the hotel business. Todd Events, for me, was a chance to take all that I had been exposed to and learned, and use that to become what I wanted to be when I grew up. I'm still waiting for that by the way. We now have a lighting company, Switch Lighting; a retail floral store, Avant Garden; an event furniture rental company, Suite 206; two Tillman Roadhouse restaurants; and Todd Two, a hospitality consulting company. And over 150 employees and counting ... parking management, 12 television interviews, 22 food trucks, 16 chefs and the most incredible fireworks show ever, with Lyle Lovett performing. In the future: Wedding for 600. 2 headliner bands, 35,000 roses, 3 tents, a 12-foot birdcage, and more to come!  Todd & Ceron I CAN AFFORD ME WHEN THE RECESSION IS OVER. UNTIL THEN: ON LIFE BEFORE TODD EVENTS.   Opening of Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge They are all memorable for different reasons — some, I learned a lot; some almost defeated me; some were creative freedom; and others, just because they were so much damn fun! FALL FASHION ACQUISITIONS. He's Fred Astaire and Noel Coward with the grin of Opie. He's produced some of the most memorable events in the state of Texas, and well beyond these borders, changing what we expect and how we measure success in the party provinces. He's a Hummer with a Prius demeanor. That's Todd Fiscus, emperor of Todd Events, based in Dallas and opening a Houston outpost. Remember the spectacle that was the Houston Symphony Ball 2013? That was Todd in all his glory. PAPERCITY THROWSTOGETHER AND DRINKS WILLY-NILLY SHAMEFULLY INVITES TODD OVER. WHAT A SPORT. • Tom Ford tuxedo for the wedding. • A new pair of black jeans in a smaller size. • A great pair of black short boots from Ferragamo. • Something cool in fur for our wedding week in New York. • A new gray suit from Prada.   HOME ACQUISITION. I want everything in Renea Abbott's showroom, Shabby Slips. Maybe we could just move in there and throw her out. But, seriously, the zebra-hide chairs from her are an absolute must.   FILMS THAT CONTINUE TO INSPIRE. • An American in Paris with Gene Kelly — love the set design. • Sabrina — best party scene in a garden ever shot. • Moulin Rouge — the Baz Luhrmann version! Such an incredible use of color.   ALL-TIME FAVORITE HOTELS IN THE WORLD. • Be Tulum, Tulum, Mexico. • The One and Only Palmilla, Cabo San Lucas. I feel like family there. • Le Sirenuse, Positano, Italy. I love the owner, Antonio Sersale. • Plaza Athenée, Paris. Just to die for.  In the movie, who plays Todd? Depends on how I feel that day. Gerard Butler when I feel skinny. But some days, dammit, I feel a little more like Dom DeLuise!

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