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DNA Ivanka Trump STYLE IVANKA PLAYS HER TRUMP CARD WITH A STUNNING FINE JEWELRY COLLECTION. LINDEN WILSON CHATS WITH THE VERY MODERN MOGUL. S tatuesque in a fitted black dress, her blond hair coiffed into a loose chignon, Ivanka Trump is every bit as glamorous as you might imagine. "So lovely to meet you!" she exclaimed with contagious charm just prior to her interview at Neiman Marcus NorthPark. "Welcome to my lair," she joked as she pulled back a curtain to unveil the cozy sitting room where we would chat. Like her business-mogul father, Donald Trump, Ivanka is constantly traveling; just after her Dallas appearance, she hopped on a plane to Mar-a-Lago (The Trump Organization-owned club in Palm Beach) for her younger brother Eric's wedding. Yet the hardworking beauty's bubbly disposition never falters, despite a plethora of successful projects on her plate. Besides her beautiful baubles, Ivanka's eponymous brand has swelled over the past few years to include apparel, footwear, fragrance, accessories, handbags and a book. Her 2014 fine jewelry collections (Metropolis Lune, Metropolis Sol, Athénée and Empire) are beautiful examples of impeccable detail, wrought in 18K gold, diamonds, aquamarine and amethyst. Dainty and stylish, yet strong and bold, they are perfectly akin to the modern woman Ivanka represents. MAGICAL INFLUENCES. My primary source of inspiration tends to come from two sources: travel and architecture. Often those are interwoven. A lot of the collections this year are reflective of my love of Art Deco and that time period and architecture. You see that really clearly in the Metropolis collections. My love of travel you see through the Greek influence and the Greek-key detailing. We also have a collection named after Aberdeen, a city in northern Scotland that's just magical. The landscape is beautiful, undulating hills and sand dunes and cliffs into the ocean. It's a very special place. WHEN INSPIRATION STRIKES. Sometimes I'll see the piece right away — I'll just know what I want to do. Other times, I'll think of a detail, like an amazing clasp, and I'll design the necklace around it. Just the smallest of details becomes the catalyst for the bigger picture. It really depends on my mood. Sometimes it's my girlfriends. Or my mother, who will send me photos of vintage jewelry at 3 o'clock in the morning because she's traveling somewhere in Europe and will have a light-bulb moment. It comes from all places, sometimes not such obvious ones. CREATING A FINE JEWELRY COLLECTION. It takes a long time because we are really meticulous from a quality perspective. The woman I'm designing for is that self-purchasing female who's not waiting for her birthday to get a great cocktail ring. She loves getting one on her birthday or an anniversary, but she is also rewarding herself because she just landed a major account or got an amazing bonus and is buying that bangle or those earrings she wants. I think when you're designing for those who are buying something for themselves, they really appreciate the attention to detail that isn't just outward facing: the ease of being able to put something on and the security of the clasp; the detailing on the back of a necklace that nobody sees unless it accidentally flips over, ensuring that it's as well-executed as the outward facing. Those are the type of things that separate the good from the excellent. WOMAN IN BUSINESS. [On November 3] I re-launched my website, The point of the site and all the content we're creating is advice for a modern, professional woman who is multifaceted and has big aspirations for herself in every aspect of her life — not just in her work but also her personal desires, her home life. She wants to run a marathon; she wants to be a great mom; she wants to be a great girlfriend. She's the full picture. I think it's a really exciting time to be a businesswoman today. My mother and her generation helped pave the way for us to be able to embrace our femininity. Now, there is no work life or home life. Technology means it's one life. I'm at home, and I'm on the phone with the office. I'm in the office, and I'm on the phone with my kids … knowing that it's one life and embracing that. I'm not shy about showing people pictures of my children in the office. That's something that wasn't done 20 years ago. Owning the fact that we are multidimensional is really important — there is a whole new generation of young women who really own that. I wanted to create a site that would be a destination for that working woman, and I just don't think many people are addressing her. A lot of the business advice that's been doled out is from the viewpoint of 70-year-old men, which is great because you can learn a lot from them, but it doesn't feel accessible. I really wanted to create something for women in the first iterations of their professional lives. PERSONAL STYLE. My style is classic with a modern edge. I like to wear pieces that are polished and chic, but they have to be able to transition seamlessly throughout my day — a dress that won't wrinkle with a toddler on my lap or heels that can chase after a three-year-old. I've found that accessories are key to elevating any outfit. I wear my own jewelry on a daily basis, whether it be a simple pair of earrings at the office or a statement piece when out to dinner on the weekend with my husband. Metropolis Sol open- frame cuff in 18K yellow gold, $8,600 Metropolis Sol open- frame earrings with diamonds in 18K yellow gold, $4,900 "THE WOMAN I'M DESIGNING FOR IS THAT SELF-PURCHASING FEMALE WHO'S NOT WAITING FOR HER BIRTHDAY TO GET A GREAT COCKTAIL RING." — Ivanka Trump Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry is available at Bachendorf's, Neiman Marcus NorthPark and Willow Bend. To read the entire interview, visit ADILOVA LOVES I loved chatting with my friend Carlos Souza at the Valentino boutique during his recent book signing for #Carlos's Places (Assouline). Below, a peek into the jet-set lifestyle that inspired his tome. Nasiba Adilova Meeting Valentino. I met Valentino in Rio in a Carnival in the mid-'70s. When I was 19, I left Brazil to do a fashion show for the brand in Rome. Since then, I have never left the House of Valentino. I did all sorts of jobs for them as a model, photographer, editor, image coordinator and PR. Now, after 40 years, I have the title of brand ambassador. It's a very inspiring career to be close to such an incredible designer and mentor. Book offer. I was working on a second book with Prosper and Martine Assouline. Martine saw me playing with my Instagram and asked what it was all about. I showed her my pictures, and she liked them so much that the next day she called me, offering to do a book with my images. It became a destination book where I show my favorite spots in all my cities where I travel for work and vacations. Day-to-day work life. I am 24/7 attached to my cell and praise myself for answering all emails 10 to 15 minutes after reading them. I am in constant motion for events around the globe with a busy schedule of fashion shows, events in the stores, red carpets during award season, film festivals and art meetings. It is a life of a steward — always in an airport catching the next flight. Preferred airport. I was recently in Shanghai and loved it, but I'm also a fan of Terminal 5 at Heathrow and the Zurich airport. Traveling uniform. I like to travel in an elegant manner with easy shoes. For long flights, I always change to comfortable silk pajamas once I'm on a plane. Magical places. I am a huge fan of the Amalfi Coast. Come spring, I always take a long weekend in Europe, where I breathe the fragrance of lemons mixed with geranium flowers floating in the air of this magical spot, where the cuisine is so amazing in its simplicity, and so delicious. Favorite food and restaurants. I love all sorts of cuisine. For Italian food, I love dal Moro in Rome. For Japanese, it's Sushi Yasuda in New York. For Chinese, I'm a big fan of Mr. Chow in the U.S. For French, I love Le Voltaire in Paris. Visiting Dallas. I did pass by Dallas in the past but adored this visit, even if briefly. I discovered the best barbecue I've ever tasted at Pecan Lodge. New Year's plans. A South American tour, a sunny Christmas — no snow this time around. I will be at my farm in Friburgo for Christmas (two hours away from Rio de Janeiro in the mountains). Then, I'm going to a wedding in Patagonia. I will spend le Réveillon de la San Silvestre in Rio. Valentino Fall/Winter 2014 collection. I adore the whole collection. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative designers, are rocking the brand. The accessories are amazing, and I am using the women's suits with a pajama approach — very chic and easy to wear. My personal style would be a contemporary, classic style with a lemon twist! Carlos Souza, Nasiba Adilova at Valentino Carlos Souza in relaxation mode Just One Eye, Los Angeles Escaping at Una, Cacao Coast, Brazil Souza at MASP Museum, Sao Paulo Yongfoo Elite restaurant, Shanghai Fasano Hotel, Rio de Janeiro Street scene, Sao Paulo Hotel Costes, Paris

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