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"THERE IS NO GREATER REPRESENTATION OF THE AMERICAN DREAM THAN CITIES LIKE DALLAS AND HOUSTON."— Ashley Longshore 110 ASHLEY WORLD COMES TO TEXAS Move over, Tracey Emin. The bold and brash New Orleans artist Ashley Longshore lands in Dallas this month. Christened "Andrea Warhol" in a New York Post profi le, the refreshingly unfi ltered Longshore parallels the late Pop king in her attention-getting studio practice melding art and commerce, with a dash of Salvador Dalí. Longshore debuts her new home-furnishings collection at For Home Forty Five Ten, alongside canvases that have caught the eye of Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, and Penélope Cruz. At the heart of it all is a small-town Southern girl who's turning the art world on its head with text-laced works fi lled with wit, beauty, sparkle, a saucy intelligence, and Pop luster that make this painter and personality unforgettable. It is indeed Ashley time. Ashley Longshore at For Home Forty Five Ten Friday, September 15, noon to 3 pm, and shop her Pop-Up Gallery at For Home Forty Five Ten, September through October; fortyfi Catherine D. Anspon Ashley Longshore The artist's And Then the Devil Whispered "Eat It. Eat It All." ALEXANDRA ARNOLD Ashley Longshore's Bottle Fed Longshore's text serves as title: Back Up the Brinks Truck

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