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Dot Franey. KRLD radio broadcast live from one of its ballrooms, with in-studio appearances by Bob Hope and others. The hotel was considered so influential that in 1944, Franklin Delano Roosevelt headquartered his presidential campaign from the seventh floor. L ed by Samantha Reitmayer Sano and design principal Joslyn Taylor, Swoon, the Studio's team spent months researching the history of the Adolphus and visiting hotels around the country that successfully wove historical elements with modern references. The Chicago Athletic Association Hotel and San Antonio's Hotel Emma, both designed by New York firm Roman and Williams, were key points of inspiration. "We definitely share [Roman and Williams'] philosophy of celebrating historic buildings and making them relevant for our current time," says Taylor. "Their look — and our look — is layered, and that's what we wanted for the Adolphus." An edited selection of the Adolphus' original elements was retained, such as century-old walnut paneling throughout; marble herringbone floors discovered under 1980s carpeting in the French Room; a massive chandelier over the escalator with brass eagles custom-made for Adolphus Busch; a 1912 grand piano that Busch had shipped from Europe (the first went down with the Titanic); valuable artwork, including an 18th- century portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte draped in an ermine cape, created by the emperor's court painter; and dozens of old brass room keys artfully displayed behind the registration desk downstairs. "There's not another old hotel like it in the city," says Reitmayer Sano. "So it was important that we paid it the proper respect and did the proper research to get it right." The hotel's historic backdrop laid a solid foundation for Swoon's 21st-century design update. Newly installed massive steel-framed windows, placed strategically along the rambling upper lobby, create smaller rooms within the large space without compromising light. "We wanted every space to have a purpose," says Reitmayer Sano. "Steel-framed factory windows felt like they could be historic, and also contemporary." To give the hotel the kind of convivial energy that attracts locals and visitors to lounge and linger, Swoon scattered conversation nooks throughout the upstairs lobby, anchored by a 19-foot communal table with hidden charging docks. In the Atrium lobby, a pair of massive antique French fireplaces are surrounded by plush seating, helping make the voluminous space a cozy place to convene. Bartenders in blue button- Clockwise from top: In the Atrium lobby, an antique fireplace from France. John Dickinson plaster side table from David Sutherland showroom. Richard Serra's Transversal #3 limited-edition color etching, 2004. Original brass room keys artfully arranged behind the reception desk. In the Atrium lobby, Kelly Wearstler lamp. Randall Morgan teak orb table. 119

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