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144 "MR. STANLEY BROUGHT THE WORLD TO DALLAS, WITH HIS ART, DESIGNERS, FOOD, AND TREASURES FROM HIS MANY ADVENTURES ABROAD. I REMEMBER PARTICULARLY THE ITALIAN FORTNIGHT WITH SOPHIA LOREN AS THE STAR!" — Nancy Dedman "I'VE HAD THE PRIVILEGE OF HOSTING LUNCHES AT NEIMAN MARCUS THROUGH THE YEARS FOR NOTABLE DESIGNERS WHO HAVE SINCE BECOME CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FRIENDSHIPS I'VE ENJOYED AND CULTIVATED THROUGH THESE NEIMAN MARCUS EXPERIENCES." — Nancy Rogers TO TOAST NEIMAN MARCUS' 110TH ANNIVERSARY THIS MONTH, PAPERCITY LOOKS BACK AT THE STORIED RETAILER'S LUMINOUS HISTORY — DIGGING INTO THE STORE'S INIMITABLE PHOTO ARCHIVE AND TAPPING A FEW OF ITS TREASURED FRIENDS AND EXECS FOR THEIR MOST BELOVED NM MEMORIES. A CENTURY and THEN SOME "W HEN I FIRST CAME TO DALLAS, I WORKED IN TRAINING FOR NEIMAN MARCUS. WE WERE OPENING STORES IN CALIFORNIA, AND I WAS SENT WITH THE TEAM TO NEWPORT BEACH WITHIN THE FIRST FEW DAYS ON THE JOB. I THOUGHT I WAS THE LUCKIEST GIRL ON THE PLANET! WHEN I ARRIVED BACK AT MY OFFICE IN DOWNTOWN DALLAS, THE STORE HAD BEEN TRANSFORMED INTO FORTNIGHT. IT WAS JUST A MAGICAL TIME FOR ME." — Erin Mathews " With my 27-year tenure at Neiman Marcus, I have many notable memories. It's all but impossible to name only one. Here are moments that are burned in my memory: Arriving from Los Angeles, my first order of business as creative director for visual planning was to travel the great state of Texas border to border, experiencing the diverse cultures, people, and idiosyncrasies of its regions, as a prelude to creating the 90th Anniversary celebrations that culminated with galas in Dallas and Houston. Who can forget the oil derricks erupting black feathers on the main floor! … Tom Ford in Dallas! No more need be said … Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour parting the massive crowds on the main floor of the Downtown Dallas flagship store, greeting guests after Karl received the Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion the morning following the debut of the Paris-Dallas collection for Chanel at Fair Park." — Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus senior vice president and fashion director "I t's impossible to forget when you meet an icon and a legend — people with vision, who inspire and challenge us to think beyond the way things are to the way things can possibly be. I was fortunate to have met two proverbial legends of retailing at pivotal moments of my NM career. When I was 34 years old, I was named vice president and general manager of NorthPark — the store I grew up shopping in. I had to pinch myself. During those precious days, I walked the store with Stanley Marcus, who shared the importance of beautiful product that has real value and the simple truths of customer service. Another mentor was Ray Nasher. Mr. Nasher opened my eyes to the importance of creating memorable shopping experiences centered on luxury and grounded by a commitment to the arts and culture. Each gave me valuable lessons in life and leadership." — Karen Katz, Neiman EDITED BY CHRISTINA GEYER A photograph of the original Neiman Marcus store at the corner of Elm and Murphy streets, taken in 1913, following a fire that destroyed the building Stanley Marcus greeting Coco Chanel, arriving in Dallas to receive The Neiman Marcus Award for Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion, 1957 Sophia Loren turns on the Tivoli Fountain with Stanley Marcus, Italian Fortnight, 1975 Princess Grace of Monaco receiving The Neiman Marcus Award, 1955

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