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DUTCH DESIGNER IRIS VAN H E R P E N A R R I V E S F R O M AMSTERDAM FOR A DALLAS DROP-IN TO CELEBRATE THE OPENING OF HER DALLAS MUSEUM OF ART EXHIBITION. By Christina Geyer. Photography Tamytha Cameron. I t's one of the most intriguing, otherworldly exhibitions the Dallas Museum of Art has ever hosted: "Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion," saluting the Dutch designer whose three-dimensional, avant-garde haute couture fashion has been worn and collected by Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Björk. Iris van Herpen made her fi rst visit to Dallas for an intimate, VIP exhibition preview with the museum's top board members and patrons. Despite her notoriously shy demeanor, she made plenty of new friends among devoted collectors including Deedie Rose, Catherine Rose, and Michelle Crosland, who all wore her designs. Samantha Robinson, the DMA's interim assistant curator of decorative arts and design and the exhibition's presenting curator, also wore a van Herpen piece, on loan from Deedie Rose. "This exhibition is not normal," Robinson said. "And as Iris and I were joking, normal is boring." Enthralling and exhilarating would be a better description for van Herpen's works, displayed dramatically in a minimalist, gallery-like setting. "Iris challenges the borders of what is design and what is artistic creation," DMA director Agustín Arteaga told the crowd. "Everything she does has a profound artistic idea behind it." 44 BEYOND IMAGINATION — Agustín Arteaga, DMA director LOOK AROUND. THIS IS THE CAPITAL OF FASHION. Iris van Herpen, Salvador Breed, Michelle Crosland Lucilo Peña, Sharon Young Selwyn Rayzor, Bonnie Pitman, Deedie Rose, Rich Moses, Will Rose Skeletal couture Roslyn Walker, Catherine Rose, Agustín Arteaga Carlos Gonzalez-Jaime Karen & Craig Goodman Bill & Gay Solomon, Keith Nix Inside Iris Walter Elcock, Sabiha Al-Khemir Tom Newbury, Lizzie Routman Allen & Kelli Questrom Steve & Barbara Durham

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