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NM AND PAPERCITY FÊTE ZAC POSEN AT THE MANSION 2003 It was madness at The Mansion on Turtle Creek as Neiman Marcus and PaperCity fêted the new fashion darling, New York designer Zac Posen. "This is about an eccentric rock star with a mansion in the English countryside, who invites friends out for the weekend to meet his new young designer friend," proclaimed Ken Downing QUEER EYE'S FAB FIVE CLIMB COUNTERS 2004 Our phones were incessantly ringing, our darling readers on the line reporting various Fab Five sightings around our fair city. Seems all of Dallas was in a tizzy over the arrival of the cast of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Naturally, when there's star-related bedlam, Neiman Marcus rolls out the zebra car- pet for a sleek bash. TOM FORD FRENZY 2004 You wouldn't believe it unless you'd seen it: Dallas' chicest set, spilling off elevators on the second fl oor of Neiman Marcus' downtown fl agship as if they were headed to their fi rst rock concert. Giddy looks. Spring in steps. Squeals, even. And under each fashionable arm, a very sophisticated 10-pound white leather-bound book, Tom Ford; all ready to meet their maker. MARCHESA'S BRITISH BASH 2006 Blame it on the invite. Seems no one could ignore the beautifully printed invitation, backed with a square of ruby-red carpet, when it landed on Dallas' door- steps, announcing the Neiman Marcus and PaperCity party feting British designers Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa. RAH-RAH STELLA McCARTNEY 2006 Imagine a never-ending MTV music video: Such were the going-on and energy inside NorthPark Center that night. Welcome Stella McCartney, who got the Little-Miss- Firecracker-meets-Brokeback Mountain howdy from NM's Ken Downing. "Did you expect anything less?" volleyed Downing. 34 DIANE VON FURSTENBERG PARTIES TO A RETRO BEAT 2002 The fête was inspired by Ken Downing's visit to von Furstenberg's loft in New York's Meat Packing District. Servers in T-shirts with Warhol images of von Furstenberg passed Zodiac Vodka martinis amid walls stretched with vintage von Furstenberg fabrics, fur- laden couches, and caged doves. C.Z. AND SANTA AT NEIMAN MARCUS' 95TH ANNIVERSARY GALA 2003 Forget Fifth Avenue and Rockefeller Center: Neiman Marcus Downtown was the place to be during the holidays. The 95th anniversary gala sur- passed NYC's holiday fantasia with 10,000 twinkling lights bridging Main Street, the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, and Santa in a mink suit designed by furrier Jerry Sorbara. Even C.Z. Guest showed up. POP ART BASH CELEBRATING THE PAPERCITY PARTY BOOK 2003 Coke bottles and Campbell's Tomato Soup mugs were lined up on tables, with silver- spray-painted mums in paint cans scattered about. Edie Sedgwick-esque groupies in false lashes, graphic minis and vinyl boots lined the entrance at Neiman Marcus NorthPark Center. of PARTIES NEIMAN MARCUS + PAPERCITY: N eiman Marcus parties are the stuff of legends. Since NM hosted the PaperCity Dallas launch party at its downtown fl agship in 1998, the re- tailer's designer-driven bashes have been long documented in these pages. Here, the best of the best — from Tom Ford's unforgettable book launch where he signed on body parts un- mentionable to Zac Posen's rowdy Texas entrée. Ken Downing, Keana Bucher Mark Schaaf, Carlotta Lenox, 2003 A grand entrance for Tom, 2004 Cassi Colvin and Jason Maxwell lounging on the $3.5 million M400 Skycar prototype, 2005 Manolo Blahnik, 2007 Gerald Simpson, Diane von Furstenberg Burt Tansky, 2002 PAPERCITY DALLAS 20th ANNIVERSARY PROMOTION PAPERCITY DALLAS 20th ANNIVERSARY PROMOTION

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