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52 By Billy Fong. Photography Tamytha Cameron. T he '80s were my glory years. I dream of becoming a contestant on Jeopardy and having Alex Trebek announce strictly 1980s categories: John Hughes Films, Brat-Packers, New Wave Bands, Designers from Esprit to Laura Ashley, Aaron Spelling Shows. "I'll take Golden Girls for $200!" Alas, my throwback '80s dream will likely never become reality — but recently, re- ality came pretty close to fantasy when I received a poster-sized tube in the mail with my invitation to a Prom Party (or, as the invite read, "the one you wished you had"). The cause to celebrate was the 50th birthdays of Brian Bolke, Lael Brodsky, Gonzalo Bueno, Suzanne Droese, Piper Wyatt, and Lucy Wrubel. The poster said it all: There was the iconic Go-Go's Vacation album cover art, but with the birthday girls' faces superimposed on the band members. Bolke and Bueno assumed the identities of George Michael and Andrew Ridgely, the duo that made up Wham. The crew clearly understands how to dress for a theme. PROM I WISH I'D HAD The (continued on page 54) Brian Bolke, Lucy Wrubel Tim & Missy Peck, Brant McFarlain Kelly Parker, Brooke Hortenstine, Lyle Jackson Doniphan Moore, Capera Ryan Zac Porter, Steve Wrubel 1986 Prom-Forever Young Todd Fiscus & Ceron Eduardo & Kary Brittingham Faisal Halum, Ginger Auer Peter & Lael Brodsky Lisa Runyon, Brian Bolke, Jennifer Eagle, Susan Kaminski Heather Wiese Alexander & Scott Alexander

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