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54 PROM I WISH I'D HAD The G ive me a boombox blaring Cure and INXS and perhaps a four-pack of Bartles & Jaymes and I'm in heaven. The dream birthday team delivered that and more in spades. This was not a lo-fi production. The birthday posse (let's refer to them by one of my favorite '80s band names, The Style Council) began meeting regularly last fall to plan their dream prom. Oh, to be a fly on those party-planning walls. The week of the party, my cell filled with texts: "What are you wearing?" "Acid wash?" "Lots of hair spray?" "Where can I score vintage Victor Costa?" Apparently Vintage Martini had a slew of party guests come through its Knox- Henderson store in search of '80s garb. I was torn between a vintage New Order concert T-shirt and one with a Nagel girl in all her angular and fluorescent hues. Brooke Davenport hosted pre- party cocktails at her home, and her handsome husband, Blake Davenport, was straight out of Top Gun in a sexy flight suit. Brooke opted for a more glamorous outfit, a Stella McCartney dress that reminded me of Jamie Gertz's model character from the iconic Less Than Zero. Then, the arrival. Cue sensory overload. Every detail was pitch- perfect. Two gents in white button-up shirts, tightie-whities, Ray-Bans, and white ankle socks — Tom Cruise from Risky Business — opened the doors to DCC. I looked left: A wine-cooler champagne fountain was surrounded by napkins with the phrase "Gag me with a spoon." To the right: A photo- booth backdrop resembled the one used at my high-school formal. Bathroom entrances were changed to Bowie (boys) and Benatar (girls). Inside the gents' facilities, I found vintage bottles of Drakkar Noir and Polo cologne, as well as Binaca. (Remember trying to mask the smell of alcohol with that remedy?) Since this piece could easily turn into a lengthy Brett Easton Ellis-like novel, I'll give you a sampling of the highlights. Tina Craig channeled her former MTV Asia V Jay self and introduced none other than Billy Idol, who gave a video birthday greeting with his quintessential snarl and raised fist … The Greenhill School cheerleading squad pumped up the crowd … At 10 pm, guests moved into the ballroom, which had been recreated into the infamous Stark Club … The prom committee made wardrobe changes, and Piper Wyatt went from prom dress to Adam Ant look-alike … I saw a girl with braces (and I'm guessing she didn't have them a few days before!) … Lael Brodksy had a total of four outfit changes … Lucy Wrubel's pink gown was originally worn by her mom to the opening of the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. (Lucy had it shortened.) Guests' costume game was equally strong. Brooke Hortenstine, Lyle Jackson, and Kelly Parker went as Top Gun's Iceman, Maverick, and Goose, respectively. Kristi Ramirez was almost unrecognizable as Magnum P.I. (chest hair and all). Ceron was statuesque as Grace Jones, while hubby Todd Fiscus was Boy George. Lisa Runyon, Jennifer Eagle, and Susan Kaminski all wore matching fuchsia one-shoulder taffeta gowns (and arrived in a pink stretch limousine). Capera Ryan and Heather Wiese-Alexander wore their actual prom dresses. Filippo Tattoni-Marcozi dressed as an '80s jock. Faisal Halum bared his chest with a plunging-neckline jumpsuit as Prince. Kelle Knight brought a ruler with her — as chaperone, she was there to make sure skirts were an appropriate length. Margaret Stafford wins the award for biggest 'hair (did she locate a vintage bottle of Aqua Net?) — and for best use of hairspray. And Jan Showers, as it turns out, does a mean Madonna impression. "EPIC IS NOT THE WORD! THAT WAS BADASS. TRULY ONE OF THE BEST NIGHTS IN DALLAS I HAVE EVER HAD." — Cullen Potts (continued from page 52) Greenhill Cheerleaders Michael McCray Deborah Scott, Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi Brooke Davenport Jim & Jan Showers Justin Moon Piper Wyatt, Brian Bolke, Lael Brodsky, Lucy Wrubel, Suzanne Droese, Gonzalo Bueno

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