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(continued from page 89) their homes — [people who] come out to the town halls in Childress or Muleshoe or Edna or Alice. All of those have been really powerful experiences. YOU'RE FROM A BORDER TOWN – WHAT IS MISUNDERSTOOD ABOUT IMMIGRATION. You know, some of this is our fault, some of us that live on the border. We've allowed others to define us, and the fear and the anxiety and the paranoia that's expressed in the wall, or militarizing the border, or tearing kids away from their parents after they've survived a 2,000-mile journey. That's all an expression of our worst fears and impulses, and in no way reflects the reality of life on the border. El Paso is one of the safest cities — if not the safest — in America. Our safety is in part dependent on the fact that we're a city of immigrants, and people come here to get ahead, not to commit crimes. They come here to make this country even greater, not to drag it down. Instead of being defensive about that, or apologizing for ourselves, we should own it, and capitalize on it — and lead nationally on an issue that we know better than anyone else. And when I say 'the border,' I'm thinking about El Paso, but I'm also thinking about Houston. This is the international city. This is the most diverse city in the country. There are 145 languages spoken in the public schools in Houston, Texas. I didn't even know there were 145 languages spoken on the planet. This is a competitive advantage, and we have to press that advantage. YOUR MESSAGE TO IMMIGRANTS. You've been working in the toughest jobs, in the shadows, maybe not even making minimum wage, contributing far more than you ever take. What if you could contribute fully to civic, economic, and democratic life? You're a dreamer teaching in school, serving in Syria, being every bit as American as anyone else. What if your citizenship status reflected that? Those are all aspirational, positive, good things — we don't have to be against anyone to do that. photo: nick glover styling: christy eastland e're Texas' largest luxury resale shop, consigning high-end designer handbags, shoes, clothing, and jewelry for over 40 years. Our savvy shoppers pay top dollar for your gently-loved pieces from Louis Vuitton, CHANEL, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, David Yurman, and Konstantino. Support luxury sustainability and consider us a "next chapter" for your Jimmy Choos. 11661 Preston Road Dallas 75230 W louis vuitton the sequel WHEN LUXURY, COMFORT AND STYLE MATTER . 5600 W. Lovers Ln. #122 • Dallas, TX 75209 • Ph: 214.352.5400 • M – F: 10:00 – 5:30, Sat: 10:00 –5:00 The Pavilion on Lovers Lane Just West of the Tollway.

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