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127 MARRIAGE OF MINDS. My design office is in South Kensington, while my husband Tim's is in Golden Square, the sexy part of town for advertising and PR. We are like old sumo wrestlers: We know when to come in for the kill when it's something we feel strongly about. CATCH 'EM OFF-GUARD. Rooms should have an element of surprise. It's good when someone suddenly sits up straight and says, "I've never seen that combination before!" BENDING THE RULES. I've been doing interiors since the 1980s, and I started without a degree. That means I can break the rules. But it's not hit and run. With hotels, you see how your work fares in all weather and seasons. I have to live with my mistakes. THE PERFECT ROOM. I will never have more than one large-scale pattern — usually a large dynamic pattern. I mix it with a smaller complementary pattern, then a small geometric as well. For a room to look calm and interesting, it needs to have a layered effect, so think about putting a rug underfoot. If a room is not coming together, I'll add a well-boned large piece of furniture. PINKIES OUT. It wouldn't be a Kit Kemp hotel without high tea. At The Whitby, we've done a Downton Abbey tea. It's so English to do a themed tea. YOU GO, GIRL. Our hotels appeal more to women. Women don't like to be in a very masculine room, but men don't mind it if the room's slightly feminine — just not too much pink. Ham Yard Hotel, London The Whitby Hotel, NYC Terrace Suite, Ham Yard Hotel, London Croc Bowling Alley, Ham Yard Hotel, London

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