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24 BILLY'S BEST DRESSED 2018 CULTURE/STYLE EDITOR BILLY FONG WEIGHS IN ON THE YEAR'S MOST STYLISH SOULS. I 'm over-the-moon to present my second annual Best Dressed List. I was slightly nonplussed by Vanity Fair's 2018 list under the direction of new editor in chief, Radhika Jones. Perhaps I refuse to buy into the new, but the formula built under former EICs Tina Brown and Graydon Carter was perfect. Yes, I was pleased to see superstars like Tracee Ellis Ross, LeBron James, and Sarah Paulson make the list — but where were the lesser-known dictators of oft-forgotten coun- tries (we remember you Imelda Marcos), Norwegian debutantes, and Argentinian polo players? We count on you Vanity Fair to fi nd those international gems that turn it out. Here, PaperCity's spin, with six catego- ries and just three fashionable folks in each. Diligent notes and countless conversations with many of you took place over the last 12 months before bestowing these honors. FRESHMAN CLASS These millennials have an eye to the past but know the true future of style. I appreci- ate some trial-and-error risk-taking — and know they will evolve to be classicists. Jasmond Harrison, Sydney Watters Dunbar, Hannah Fagadu PERENNIALLY PRETTY To some, these girls might seem to glide through life without a care. Au contraire mon frère. This fl ock of swans has con- quered the world and are equally skilled at playing the generous hostess, supporting their charitable causes — they do care! — or being a gracious guest. These are the mod- ern-day Dallas equivalent of Grace Kelly. Kim Whitman, Brooke Davenport, Julie Hawes THE MAGNIFICENTS These are our true originals — the fashion disruptors. So ahead of the curve that they are the ones throwing the curves. I most look forward to seeing them at an event because they will rock a turban better than any genie in a bottle or make leg warmers look black-tie gala appropriate. Nini Nguyen, Zoe Bonnette, Erykah Badu TWO CHICS ARE BETTER THAN ONE These couples, complementary bookends if you will, feel no need to steal the spotlight from one another. Instead, they burn bright together all while looking perfectly in love. Kristen and Joe Cole, Geoffroy Van Raemdonck and Alvise Orsini, Shelby Wagner and Niven Morgan BOYS (DALLAS' VERSION OF LAPO ELKANN) They can strut better than any peacock and often with no need for bling. Sometimes spotted in a razor-sharp bespoke suit with a vintage Hermès tie or athleisure-wear with a hint of irony. John Runyon, Doug Voisin, Fred Holston LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD To have made it on to this list, staying true to one's inner-self is imperative. No symphonic background theme music needed, as they command a room the moment they enter. They have reached the Mount Olympus of style. Nancy Halbreich, Gene Jones, Georgina Hartland Notes for 2019: I am often found at the Mansion Bar — or on off-nights the Grapevine — so make sure I notice your entrance, or be sure to post a lot of Instagram selfi es in the year ahead. Alvise Orsini & Geoffroy Van Raemdonck Shelby Wagner & Niven Morgan Georgina Hartland Julie Hawes Fred Holston Gene Jones Nini Nguyen Kristen & Joe Cole John Runyon Hannah Fagadau Erykah Badu Eugenio Lopez, Brooke Davenport Zoe Bonnette

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