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42 STILL SIZZLING 70 at PAINTING THE TOWN: C AMH interim museum director Christina Brungardt with curators Dean Daderko, Rebecca Matalon, and Patricia Restrepo; Christie's Jessica Phifer; Candace Baggett and Ron Restrepo; museum board chair Jereann Chaney and daughter Holland Chaney; Beverly and Howard Robinson; Leslie and Russ Robinson; Liz and David Anders, hosting a lively table; stalwart museum supporters Sissy and Denny Kempner, Leigh and Reggie Smith, and Heidi and David Gerger; Dillon Kyle and Sam Lasseter; Ruth Dreessen; Louise Jamail; Diane Lokey Farb; Ceron; Rania Daniel; Natasha Parvizian Gorgue; Claudia and Roberto Contreras; Greg Fourticq and John Cone; Blakely and Trey Griggs; Katherine and Bill Phelps; Cali Alvarado Pettigrew; Lucinda and Javier Loya; gallerists Kerry Inman, Bryn Larsen, and Laura Rathe; Harry Winston's Petra Martinez and husband Fabian Martinez; Elizabeth Esfahani Willey of Matt Camron and husband Robert Willey of Galerie Novella; Monsour Taghdisi; Sara Cain; Alisha and Alex Criner; Erica and Benjy Levit; Kelley and Stephen Lubanko; Mary and Marcel Barone; Johanne and Joe Gatto; and artists Libbie Masterson, Gil Bruvel (contributing to the silent auction), Thedra Cullar-Ledford, Sebastien "Mr. D" Boileau of Biscuit Paint Wall fame, and, in from L.A., live- auction talent Will Boone (a former Houstonian who will solo at the CAMH this November), whose minimalist blue text-based canvas Threat generated a phone bidding war, which added considerably to the evening's bottom line of $550,000. (Ladies, save this date: Another Great Night in November takes place Wednesday, November 20, hosted by Erika Toussaint; Yvonne Cormier and Mary D'Andrea co-chair.) Christopher Scott, Libbie Masterson Cody Fitzsimmons Courtney Hopson, Katherine Phelps Fabian & Petra Martinez Diane Lokey Farb, Ceron Matt Ringel & Rebecca Rabinow, Dillon Kyle Jereann Chaney Holland Chaney Will Boone with his live auction canvas Threat, 2018 Roberto & Claudia Contreras Robert Willey & Elizabeth Esfahani Willey (continued from page 40)

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