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64 Your favorite suite. Right now my favorite rooms are upstairs off the courtyard. You can hear the birds singing in the orange trees at certain times of the day. It's quite a lovely choir. The hotel front entrance is hidden. I love that you arrive there, and it feels small and intimate. Yes, it is small, and we are expanding. The riad next door to El Fenn became available, and we are adding a new courtyard and more rooms. The medina location is ideal because it's closed to traffic. I love the old world of the medina, which was built in the 11th century. Across the way, there is a Sufi mosque, and sometimes you can hear mystical singing. Some of my favorites spots in the medina are the spice market and, next to that, the carpet dealers with stalls and stalls of textiles. How does El Fenn differ from other riads? It's very relaxed. There is also a wonderful mix of contemporary influences. We love color. It's very Moroccan, and very, very Marrakech with bright colors and a jolt of contemporary art and modern furniture. Art is exhibited throughout the hotel, primarily by Moroccan artists collected by Vanessa Branson. Does the boutique sell your creations? I have two collections in the shop. One is fun Moroccan caftans designed with fresh colors. I sell my collections of antique Tuareg and Berber jewels. I also have a

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