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66 In February, Kristen Cole landed in the relentless glare of the spotlight. Her concept store, Tenoversix, which she founded in Los Angeles in 2008 and subsequently brought to Dallas in 2013 (and Miami earlier this year), was acquired by Headington Companies. In the same breath, Cole was named president and chief creative offi cer of fashion juggernaut Forty Five Ten, as well as Tenoversix — an appointment that rocked the retail and fashion scenes. What would this new face mean for the future of both companies — the former, a beloved Dallas staple, and the latter, an avant-garde new kid on the block. Headington Companies, which is based in WANDERINGS HOTEL A HOLY TRIP TO THE LAST FRONTIER OF BOHEMIA. COLBY GOETSCHIUS KNEELS AT THE FOOT OF A DIVINE REVIVAL. PETER& PETER& PETER& PETER&PAUL PAUL PAUL PAUL K nown as "The City That Care Forgot," New Orleans recast its epithet during a recent visit. Perusing polished culinary antiques at Lucullus, lingering dinners at Gautreau's, and tapping our feet to the Stanton Moore Trio at Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro all took second fi ddle to a walk with my petit ami, David Wantland. We tripped over stray vines of Confederate jasmine as we traversed the Holy City in what David, an Episcopal priest, named a novena of churches. New Orleans' decadence shone in the carousel lighting of St. Alphonsus; a fi fth-generation congregant told the city's history through the lens of Touro Synagogue; and I may well have seen the city's heart beating, cast as a red stain against the wall of Christ Church Cathedral's sacristy, which glowed through a cracked door into its Gothic nave. The steeples bookending every block are beacons of hope for the city that wears its scars proudly, signs that Care eventually remembers. We stayed under one of those steeples, at the 19th-century church turned Hotel

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