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54 SHINDIGS Michelle Marlow Wife and mother of four boys; speech language pathologist and author; avid cheerleader for all things Fort Worth Parties on the horizon. Just a 20-year Marlow family tradition: Fourth of July Fried Chicken & Fireworks. It's a family affair with children galore (mostly boys!) dressed in picture-perfect patriotic attire. Mad Libs time: When I serve [cocktail] in my [room], expect my guests to [phrase]. When I serve Shiner Bock (my hometown beer) in my backyard, expect my guests to go Fort Worth wild. Your outfit. Tish Cox gingham sundress and flip- flops. Usually a cute hair tie for the occasion. It's hot! Allie Nikolaisen Chief development officer at Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth by day; consumer of reality TV, nacho platters, and cheap tabloids by night Your hostess vibe. Is "intimate" a socially acceptable way to say: "I only know four people willing to hang out with me"? A lull occurs … The topic you throw into the conversation. What annoys you most about each person at this table. Spices things up immediately! Are games ever in the mix. Light knife-throwing. But only after everyone is drunk and we've completed the conversation exercise. Make it a night they'll never forget! Which is more you as a host: Fort Worth Modern cocktail party or Dickies Arena grand barbecue. I'm a Modern gal. Not only because I work there, but because I know where all the bathrooms are and can strategically hide when someone asks me where I'm summering. Mimi Clemons Fort Worth native; wife and mom; artist; former museum fundraiser and gallery manager; all-around Fort Worth art-scene girl Your hostess vibe. Heavy on booze. Light on food. Your outfit. Sequins or denim. Or, better yet, both. Playlist. I'm dying for Ronnie Heart to DJ my next party. To quote the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, "a sinuous slice of future funk." Janis London Brous Fort Worth native and cowgirl at heart; lover of fashion; philanthropist and matriarch Dream guest list. The usual: Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Oprah Winfrey, and the ultimate sommelier, Jesus. A lull occurs … What topic do you throw into the conversation. What is a secret story, hopefully slightly unbelievable, about your life? SOIRÉES PHOTO SLIM AARONS, POOLSIDE WITH SLIM AARONS (ABRAMS) to From Slim Aarons-style poolside fêtes to tequila-fueled fandangos at the ranch, there's no shortage of high-wattage parties in our little hamlet. Billy Fong queried some of our favorite girls — each of whom has style in spades — about strategies for a perfect spring/summer affair. Herewith, caftans, light knife-throwing, and the ultimate sommelier.

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