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55 (Mine has something to do with Elvis and a limousine.) Not that there is ever a lull in the conversation at Fort Worth parties. Tall tales abound! Ashli Blumenfeld Wife and mom; co-president and owner of Standard Meat; lover of food, fashion, and, most importantly, martinis Mad Libs time: When I serve [cocktail] in my [room], expect my guests to [phrase]. When I serve vodka martinis with lemon twists and Felanie's (my friend's version of ranch water) in my pool, expect my guests to stay until the wee hours for a late-night spontaneous dance-off. A lull occurs … What topic do you throw into the conversation. Ask guests what their rapper name would be. I would clearly be Cashli. Your outfit. Maybe a caftan from You Are Here. Definitely barefoot. We've been known to ask guests to show up in a wig. Christy Dunaway Smith Lifestylist; philanthropist; everything- ist behind the SoFortWorthIt blog Parties on the horizon. A tea honoring a friend's daughter who is making her debut in New Orleans. I'm also helping to plan a Tiffany & Co.-themed event for Jewel Charity's new members in the fall. Your hostess vibe. I want my guests to have so much fun they don't realize it's time to leave until I kick them out! Are games ever in the mix? Once I hired a dirty balloon artist to make penis hats for my guests. A sensation! Fort Worth folks love a stiff hat. Becca Rogers Quisenberry Meticulous monogrammer; mother of two; Fort Worth transplant Your hostess vibe. Delicious food, copious amounts of alcohol, and The Monogram Club magic on everything that isn't moving. Your outfit. La Vie Style House caftan. For guests coming from Dallas, an overnight bag. Day-after rituals (perhaps hangover related). Sweat it out on the Peloton with Robin Arzón, lift weights at Shady Oaks Country Club with the hubby, then a champagne- with-everyone lunch at Gemelle. Stacie McDavid Cowgirl boss; fashion-follower; fourth- quarter competitor Any parties on the horizon? My ideal party: Dalí surrealism meets cowboy realism. Are games ever in the mix? Charades, Catchphrase, Cards Against Humanity, and Bards Dispense Profanity. Due to my competitive nature, these games will not be for the faint of heart. There will be no participation trophies. Mad Libs time: When I serve [cocktail] in my [room], expect my guests to [phrase]. When I serve 1942 Tequila (off the back of a burro) in my living room, expect my guests to pontificate.

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