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A Richardsonian Romanesque Architectural is rare…there are few that exist within the USA. Fewer that are done well. There are none like Houston's Romanov… The Romanov Estate sits on a coveted, private, secluded incredible nine acres in the heart of Houston's wealthiest zip code. An economy fueled by the energy business and a myr- iad of cultures. Sports teams, real estate and political force all underpinned historically by Oil & Gas. There is a conflux of quiet seasoned wealth and now new money, via a variety of entrepreneurial industry sectors such as renewables, enter- tainment and technology. Set within the acclaimed Hunter's Creek Village, the elevated estate is surrounded by a moat on three sides; a horseshoe bend of the 18,000-year-old legendary Buffalo Bayou (The Romanov is one of few estates sustaining zero problems in the recent floods). It is also buffered by the expansive green space of the Houston Country Club and all of it, takes in the vibrant Houston skyline. Accessed only via a secured gate of a private cul de sac, the secluded, mysterious and dramatic estate resembles a stately presence more akin to a fortified French chateau or English castle likewise surrounded by moats and incredible grounds. Like any centuries old estate, the property exudes a quiet, patient and impressive grandeur. A true and timeless presence honed through an impeccable and careful mix and seamless grafts of limestone, steel and concrete. The result is an efficient, modern and very private entertainer's home and a fortified masterpiece, which is de- signed and built to last for 100's of years to come. W W W. I C O N . G L O B A L / R O M A N O V

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