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(Continued from 54) spaceship of a home tops the scales at 110 tons, more than a Boeing 757. STRETTO HOUSE, Dallas (1991): This avant-garde private home in Preston Hollow, designed by New York architect Steven Holl, is hailed for its composition of concrete blocks and glass-walled pavilions, all rhythmically linked by curved roof segments. Dallas architect Max Levy designed a seamless addition in 2015. types of marble and limestone in various finishes including Breccia Nuvole gray marble, which has the appearance of lava stone. 100 TEXAS DESIGN ICONS SPACEX DRAGON, Boca Chica (2010): The first step on SpaceX's avowed "road to making humanity m u l t i p l a n e t a r y, " D r a g o n 's inaugural manned space flight in 2020 transported a two-man crew to the International Space Station. Propelled by the world's first reusable rocket (the powerful Falcon 9), Dragon's curvaceous capsule form represents the ambition of founder Elon Musk's space dreams, as espoused by the mural of SpaceX's small-town south Texas HQ, "Boca Chica to Mars." SOUTHFORK RANCH, Parker (1978): Three words: Dallas TV series. Or, four words: home to the Ewings. LAURA WILSON STRIKE! BY CHAD DORSEY, Dallas (2020): Stone fireplaces designed by Dallas' Chad Dorsey are muscular, sculptural, and unlike anything out there. Made from nine PHOTO PAUL WARCHOL TANDY HOUSE, Fort Worth (1969): Known in the art world as the Anne Marion House (as this was where she kept much of her collection of modern art), the 20,000-square-foot home in Fort Worth's Westover Hills was designed for Marion's mother, Anne Valliant Burnett Windfohr Tandy, by I.M. Pei. It was Pei's last residential project and features dramatic angles of concrete and marble. (Continued) JOHN STAUB, Houston (1892–1981): The legendary architect designed houses in the Revival styles popular in the '20s, '30s, and '40s for influential Houston families including the Hoggs and Cullens, and is credited with building the River Oaks neighborhood. STEEL HOUSE, Lubbock (1974): A sculpture as well as dwelling, Steel House is the stuff of legends in Lubbock, where generations of students trek 15 miles east of the campus to discover the vision and obsession of late Texas Tech architecture professor Robert Bruno. Dramatically sited upon a ridge overlooking Lake Ransom Canyon, the Steel House, Bruno's magnum opus, was fabricated over a 35 year-period. Made from Corten steel, the Brutalist Model of the Steven Holl-designed Stretto House , 1991 John Staub's home, 1926, built in River Oaks in the New England Colonial style. JOHN F. STAUB (UT PRESS, 1979) 56

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