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Most used room in your own house. The family room — it's really the heart of our home. I love the other rooms, but our family room is the spot we gather for movie nights and other fun moments with our daughter and extended family. Dallas restaurants you love. I really love supporting local entrepreneurs and restaurants. It would be tough to live without The Charles and Muchacho — I can't get enough. Why Mother's Day is significant to you. "A girl was once asked where her home was. She replied, 'Where Mother is.'" — Anonymous. I adore this quote — it beautifully encapsulates the essence, goal, and heart behind all of motherhood. Motherhood is a gift — we have a front row seat to influence our children's lives for a lifetime. Mothers universally share an unspoken bond; whether it's a look or a moment that doesn't require words, we share a deep understanding of the journey, both its privileges and its hardships. We play a huge role as the backbones of our families and the heartbeats of our homes. Mother's Day is a celebration of these sentiments. Some of the most valuable lessons you learned from your own mother. Most importantly, my mother impacted my faith. Next on the list: Always be on time. She also taught me that character is of the utmost importance. After my father passed away when I was 12 years old, my mother had to step into a huge new role as a single parent and she became my guiding light throughout my adolescent and young adult years. How you help buyers find homes in today's competitive market. Finding a good agent who is well- connected and proactive is essential. The market today takes endless dedication. Every part of the process is incredibly competitive. I find the thrill of the hunt energizing, a trait that helps me win in multiple-offer scenarios. I love seeing the joy on my clients' faces. Oftentimes, they're so happy at the end of a transaction they could cry, because I realize the value of a family home and the important journey they've been on to find an address that they can finally call home. (Honestly, she still is today.) I've always admired her entrepreneurial spirit — a trait I desire to possess in my own career. When my mother was only 18 years old, she already had an established singing career. One of the songs she sang reached #5 on the Billboard Charts, and she performed country-pop music across the nation while under the management of several great singer-songwriters, including Mickey Newberry and Mickey Gilley. Later in life, she owned and operated her own retail business for more than 23 years, and I was fortunate enough to work alongside her, observing and learning from her every move. The gracious way she navigated business relationships and provided incredible levels of customer service impact my interactions in the real estate industry to this day. What you want your own daughter to know. I could write a book about this. Every day, I strive to be a good example to her, showing her the importance of goodness, kindness, happiness, and most of all, love. Lessons to work hard, be humble, have compassion, and celebrate the small things are at the top of my list to pass on to her. In a world that's moving faster than ever before, with a culture that's constantly striving for the next best thing, I want her to live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. Every stage is important, and my hope is for her to be grateful for each day. How you find the right balance between work and home. I'm still working on this one — and probably always will be. All mothers struggle to find balance, whether they're working outside the home or not. We put ourselves last and this kind of selfless love is incredibly beautiful. While my work as an agent is sunup to sundown and I adore my clients, my role as a mother and wife is the most important piece of my life. When our home life is secure, stable, and happy, anything is possible. Elizabeth Wisdom Perry Wisdom Barrett Group of Allie Beth Allman 214.244.0181 Elizabeth Wisdom with Wren Elizabeth Wisdom and Debbe Davis with Wren Wren Wisdom IMAGES OF GRACE KEVIN BARTRAM JIN KIM 59

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