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T he ancient cultures of Mexico transformed stones that were once hidden deep within the earth into extravagant works of art. Verona Disdier follows in their footsteps: Her company, Pierre Verona, crafts vessels, furniture, accessories, and original lapidary art from exquisite minerals and gems dug from her personal quarries in Mexico. The carving process may echo the methods passed down by her artisans' ancestors, but it's Disdier's artistic instinct that has brought minerals and gems to the forefront of luxury modern décor … and to The Arbors. She acquired the onyx mine 12 years ago and began exporting products a year later. "All of our products are dug, cut, and carved by hand in Mexico, always following the strict guidance and knowledge my artisans' ancestors taught— but, of course, with my own touch of modernism," she says. Once the stones are mined, Disdier meticulously sorts the stones, choosing only the absolute best for production. "We create our own products, so we can quality-control every item to make sure each is 100 percent best in class." Designers and store owners seek out Pierre Verona vessels because of their unique shapes and natural textures — statement pieces around which entire rooms can be designed. Her best sellers are bowls carved from 100- to 300-million-year-old onyx boulders, which are equal parts art and function. As the original creator of quartz-onyx vessels in the industry, Pierre Verona has launched trends and copycats, but Disdier doesn't mind. "It's the best form of a compliment," she says. She works closely with designers and store owners on custom orders as well. Her artisans, selected for their expert craftsmanship, can create anything in quartz-onyx, calcite, fluorite (pictured), and other minerals. "I'm meticulous about choosing only the finest minerals and the best artisans who carve them," she says. Due to the attention to detail, some Pierre Verona items can take more than a month to create. Pierre Verona's luxury mineral wares are sold in more than 6,000 stores worldwide, from Dubai to France, Italy to the Philippines. Much of the business is wholesale, and you can find the largest Pierre Verona showroom in the Dallas Design District. But Round Top is one of the few opportunities you'll have to meet the woman spearheading the luxury hand-carved mineral movement. Disdier first visited Round Top when a magazine asked her to participate in an editorial feature during the antiques shows and she fell in love with the energy. Pierre Verona products were already offered by a vendor in Marburger, and she asked her wholesale client if they wanted to join forces for future shows. Although you may spot Pierre Verona objets in other booths, The Arbors (Tent F-1) is home to the most comprehensive Pierre Verona Round Top showroom. "Our overriding mission in Round Top is to create memories," Disdier says. "We want you to bring home a beautiful piece that makes you burst into a smile, remembering the wonderful time you had when you first chose it." Melinda Ortley Pierre Verona 1025 N. Stemmons Freeway, Suite 660 Dallas, TX 75207 214.790.6303 Verona Disdier, Pierre Verona TO THE ARBORS BRINGS ANCIENT CULTURE, ANCESTRY FOCUS: PIERRE VERONA ROUND TOP SHOW GUIDE ADVERTORIAL MINERALS AND GEMS ARE TRANSFORMED INTO FUNCTIONAL ART. 16

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