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T he Halles is keeping its cool this season with a lot of help from the circulation experts at Big Ass Fans. The company, which was named by its clientele, burst onto the scene just before the dawn of the new millennium with its larger-than-life industrial fans and changed the way we move air forever. In more recent years, U.S.-based Big Ass has moved into the residential market and created some of the top selling designs for smaller interiors, several of which are now on permanent display at The Halles. Come catch a glimpse of how stylish staying cool can be with Big Ass Fans at The Halles. Jessica McKendree of Big Ass Fans shares more about the company and its history. The company name and logo. JM: It's hard to forget Big Ass Fans once you see one of our products in the wild, or hear our name mentioned. We started as the HVLS Fan Company in 1999 and changed the name in 2003 to Big Ass Fans after our customers — at the time mainly in agricultural spaces — called in asking for "those big-ass fans my buddy has in his barn." The logo features our mascot, Fanny [a donkey]. She's iconic and helps identify our products quickly. Branching into residential design. JM: We entered the small overhead category in 2012 with our iconic Haiku fan. In 2014, we elevated the design by adding in our patented SenseMe B Y C A N D I C E C O W I N environmental automation technology. It delivers unrivaled functionality and effortless control to keep you comfortable without touching a button. We continue to add and integrate features like our new Chromatic Uplight, smart app control, and more. How Big Ass Fans compares to other legacy interior fan brands. JM: We're in tune with the design community and are constantly innovating. Three-blade designs weren't prevalent before Haiku, and now there is a lot of imitation out there. The design and placement of fans at The Halles. JM: The plan for placing fans throughout the grounds was a joint effort with The Halles leadership and Big Ass Fans. We are known around the world for keeping even the toughest environments comfortable using our wide variety of products, so we wanted to showcase that holistic approach to the crowds that visit The Halles. People buy our products because they perform; what performance means is subjective, so by having all our products used in various applications, guests experience the fan in numerous applications and settings. On climate change. JM: As temperatures begin to rise around the world and energy costs continue to increase, our product is becoming more and more essential. Whether you're in Texas, Spain, or anywhere in between, there's a focus on sustainability and providing air movement to cool off as opposed to just using more A/C. What makes us unique is that we're not only capable of delivering beautiful design, but we also bring incredible energy-efficiency across our product line to spaces that need it most. Your clientele. JM: We're used by more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 and have been featured in some of the world's most elegant homes. From Amazon warehouses to Planet Fitness locations in the U.S., Canada, and Australia to the patios and entryways of Hilton and Hyatt hotel properties, renowned theme parks, and living rooms of all types and sizes. The AirEye and Cool-Space models. JM: These models can dramatically make people cooler by delivering incredible air movement and coverage with energy-efficiency in mind. Perfect for outdoor spaces as well as indoor environments that might be open to the elements like dock doors, gyms, and event spaces. Big Ass Fans 2348 Innovation Drive Lexington, KY 40511 877.244.3267 ROUND TOP SHOW GUIDE ADVERTORIAL FOCUS: BIG ASS FANS AT THE HALLES COOL INDUSTRIAL AND RESIDENTIAL FAN MAKER BRINGS BEST OF BOTH WORLDS TO ROUND TOP. Keeping cool with the Haiku by Big Ass Fans Big Ass Fans i6 36

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