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Round Top Show Guide Spring 2023

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1. While there are permanent bathrooms at many venues, port-a-potties are a reality. Bring your own TP and hand sanitizer, just to be safe. 2. Public restrooms are available in Round Top's square and at Henkel Square. 3. Get the vendor's business card and write the venue name on the back. 4. Photograph the vendor's sign and, if available, the location number of the booth. 5. Take a picture of the merchan- dise and keep the receipt. FINDING YOUR TREASURE AND PIT STOPS PARKING 6. Most parking is free, but some venues charge. 7. Road signs will indicate those that charge a parking fee. Generally $5/car. Cash only. 8. Parking surfaces vary. Many are grass or dirt. If it rains, be careful where you park, or you can get stuck. 9. Don't park in borrow ditches. You will be towed. 12. Unlike most shows, navigating the Round Top Antiques & Design Show generally requires driving between venues. 13. The Antiques Corridor, aka Texas Highway 237, stretches for 20+ miles from Texas Highway 290 between Burton and Carmine to Oldenburg, a small community about seven miles from Texas Highway 71 near La Grange. Shopping venues are scattered along the corridor that bisects Round Top and Warrenton. 14. Highway 237 can get congested, especially on opening day for the shows at The Big Red Barn and Marburger Farm. Here are the Top 9 routes to escape the traffic: • Head east on 1291 (also known as Round Top Road) to Highway 290, or take 1291 south to Fayetteville. • Take Hartfield Road to High- way 71 towards La Grange; be aware that some parts may be unpaved. • Take Florida Chapel Road to FM 954. • Take FM 954 in Warrenton to Houston via Fayetteville. • The "Carmine Y" will take you back to Highway 290. • Boundary School Road to Highway 290. • FM 1457 to Leonhardt back Highway 237. • Hills Road is a direct route to Highway 290. • FM 1457 at the square in Round Top to Highway 71. GETTING THERE AND ESCAPE ROUTES Blue Hills treasure Bader Ranch 10. Be courteous. Don't block dumpsters, private driveways, or gates. 11. The antiques fields at Warrenton blend seamlessly. Pay attention to landmarks where you park, so you can find your way back or at least describe the location so someone can give you directions.

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