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Letter from the Editor Billy Fong and Dana Garner. Illustration by Peyton Thorpe. H a n d m e a c o c k t a i l … with a Gatorade sidecar. Dallas, we've reached the finish line of likely the busiest swirl of soirées in quite some time. The pile of Thom Browne blazers and Tom Ford tuxedo shirts for my dry cleaner runneth over. That bill will likely prevent me from buying swellegant new items for my wardrobe arsenal anytime soon. Poo. Many girls who that have migrated to Highland Park from California and New York, nesting here like some new exotic species of bird (might we dub them cocktailing coastal canaries), have commiserated that April and May in Dallas are insanely busy. My response: Just wait until the summer months when you'll be desperately searching for anything. You'll likely respond, "I'll be there!" even if invited to a fund-raiser for feral-cat rescues in Richardson in July. Before you, an issue filled with grand ideas for both brides (and mothers of those girls in white), and anyone in search of design inspiration and a grand ole road trip. You'll find an enchanting fashion spread on how we envision the chicest of girls might prep for their nuptials in their suite at New York's Carlyle hotel, in insanely gorgeous dresses for the nontraditional bride. Meanwhile, our ever resourceful group editor in chief, Holly Moore, went through her extensive Rolodex (we still roll old-school here at PaperCity) to gather recommendations from more than 40 interior designers on their top design stores across Texas. My suggestion: Enlist an adventure-ready friend or your intrepid designer and get behind the wheel of a 1961 Ferrari GT (yes, the one that Ferris Bueller and crew took their "day off" driving around town) and explore the farthest reaches of our great state in search of treasures. I leave you with two thoughts from Susan Sontag, author of the seminal essay "Notes on Camp." First off, if you are wed to your Instagram, you'll likely take to heart this quote: "Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs." If you pop into Carol Hicks Bolton Antiqüités in Fredericksburg or Garza Marfa, you'll likely be posting a story that has your followers verdant green with envy. And, yes, I'm also contemplating my own quick jaunts — and, to paraphrase Ms. Sontag: "I haven't been everywhere [in Texas], but it's on my list." Your road trip partner-in-waiting, Billy Fong Dallas Editor in Chief 12

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