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A uthor, philanthropist, and television personality Lisa Vanderpump — one of the original Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — wasted no time capturing the hearts of more than 1,000 fashionable and philanthropic guests at Community Partners of Dallas' Chick Lit Luncheon. "I have never seen such a group of glamorous women," said Vanderpump. "I don't know what you all do, but this isn't happening in L.A. for sure." An O.G. Real Housewife telling us we're really pretty? Hook, line, and sinker. Despite being the headliner, LVP (as she's known to her legions of fans) was not the lady of the hour. That title belonged to Paige McDaniel, CPD's long-time president and CEO, who was being honored at her last Chick Lit Luncheon after 21 years of service to the organization. CPD's vice president of development and communications, Joanna Clarke, who will succeed her mentor, integrated thoughtful nods to McDaniel throughout the event, which was chaired by Sally Dutter and Beth Thoele, with honorary chair Debbie Scripps. Even the goodie bags included some of McDaniel's favorite things, from both Cheetos puffs tomini boxes of Hot Tamales. Each year, CPD serves 15,000 abused and neglected children of every age, every background, and every zip code in Dallas County. As McDaniel initiated the paddle raise, Clarke interrupted with one final unscripted surprise. To honor McDaniel's legacy, funders agreed to match each gift received that day, dollar for dollar, up to $100,000. The boisterous CEO was verklempt. The effervescent Laura Harris modera- ted the lively conversation and the endlessly quotable LVP. Here are a few highlights. Go-to cocktail: Vanderpump requires a Bloody Mary, no matter the hour, when she's on an airplane. When Harris said she favored a ginger ale, LVP quipped, "I'd ask to move seats. I want a drinking partner!" Etiquette pet peeve that drives her nuts: Being early to a party. "It's better to be five minutes late than early." (The crowd of seasoned hostesses applauded.) Tip for a successful dinner party: "Never invite a Housewife." Sorry, LVP, but we have to disagree. You're welcome at our dinner parties anytime. Spotted: Mersina Stubbs, Kameron Westcott, Emberli Pridham, Samantha Wortley, Pam Perella, Cheryl Joyner, Kristi Sherrill Hoyl, Christie Houser, Debbie Oates, Helene Spurgin, Libby Hunt, and Mary Martha Pickens. PAPERCITY PROMOTION Vanderpump Rules By Melissa Smrekar. Photography Tamytha Cameron, Celeste Cass. Beth Thoele, Debbie Scripps Lisa Vanderpump, Sally Dutter President and CEO Paige McDaniel during retirement celebration Rhonda Sargent Chambers Jeff Netzer, Lynn McBee Rylie Bland Brittany Rickets Natalie Hamilton Eddy Kristin Millington, Kelsey Gaston Kristen Neyland Kate Boatright Erica Brown Chelsea Bailey Barrell Jones Maggie Kipp, Elizabeth Saab Kristin Hallam Noelle LeVeaux Lacie T. Crow 50

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